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i have an infection in my butt, a game design infection



  • RubberACRubberAC Sidney BC!Registered User regular
    Orik i have done a very small amount
    i was looking forward to this because it gives me an excuse to practice at it and get better
    be able to make tilesets for DF almost as good as mayday one day
    that'd be cool

  • LegbaLegba Registered User regular
    Okay, perhaps not. I can't figure out how to remove something from scope.

    The alternative here is to scrap what I'm doing and implement each major setpiece as a room, like I was talking about before, and using scope to be able to see things in that room. Example 353 actually does something similar. Then I could use the "move to room by name" example (which I know is here somewhere) and remove the cardinal directions to make movement the way I want it.

    This would also implement the distance element, and I wouldn't have to write a million miles of rules from scratch.

    I love that Inform 7 has so many different solutions to the same problem.

  • OrikaeshigitaeOrikaeshigitae Registered User, ClubPA regular
    no problem! i have the kindle version of reed's book, and i think that's for the best, just because of how weighty it is in person

    in related news, i had a brainstorm on the walk home and now i'm disappearing into the unity mines for a few months probably

  • LegbaLegba Registered User regular
    Don't get me wrong, I love my Kindle! I just think a text book like that, I'd like to have open next to my computer to flick through and reference different sections while I'm working - preferably full of stickynotes - and the Kindle isn't as nimble. Still a must-read for anyone working with Inform 7, though, regardless of format.

  • LegbaLegba Registered User regular
    edited May 2012
    @Orikaeshigitae (any anyone else who's tried out Inform 7!)

    I'm pretty pleased with how the mechanics are coming along. There are still some issues - I need to block out the ability to interact with objects you're not next to - but honestly I think it's begining to look kind of presentable.

    Code for those who want to have a look:


    Legba on
  • LaCabraLaCabra Registered User regular
    I found some old level design sketches for my Left 4 Dead campaign, the one Gabe flew to Australia about, if anyone's interested in taking a look. here are some links
    Also I just put up a quick post on my blorg that has a bunch of concept art, and some words on how I came to know the artist, etc.

    Blog | Impromptu Games | twitter | patreon

    totally buy my video game InFlux on Steam or Humble Store or GOG or Amazon!
  • FlayFlay Registered User regular
    edited May 2012
    Those are some really fine artings on that there blog. I'm very curious to see how they'll translate in to the final product.

    Flay on
  • agoajagoaj One is the loneliest number you could ever chuRegistered User regular
    Ten wrote: »
    agoaj wrote: »
    Ten wrote: »
    Ten wrote: »
    I am not a game designer, though I have ideas for games. If I learned more game design, I could probably get closer to making them a reality, because then I could code up a prototype and start iterating. I get frustrated too quickly though, and need people to bounce ideas off and to give me art, because I lost motivation when I'm just looking at my dumb programmer art for weeks.

    I lament the loss of punch rumble

    We were on to something!

    I'm still determined to make a side scrolling beat 'em up one of these days, I think there's a lot of novelty still in the genre that could be tapped.

    I am also working on my own beat em up from scratch.

    Nice work, I didn't get to the point of putting in multiple levels and stuff like you have there - I started on the punching bits and that was about as far as we got:

    Yeah, I first started just getting the player and enemies moving around

    I didn't work on the enemy AI because the level format was super basic. So I started adding things in just to learn about them. I added in LUA scripting to handle the game logic, then I decided to learn 3D graphics and draw the levels with DirectX(then I switched to openGL because that is way easier to understand). Now I have to build graphs for the enemy AI to navigate around the level, but when I get that working I'll have enemies that can chase players around obstacles.

    There are three inspirations for this game
    Scott Pilgrim
    Left 4 Dead

    The Scott Pilgrim game made me go "I want to make a better beat 'em up". The effect of leveling your stats is unclear and adding a new player starting at level 1 was a burden.
    Left 4 Dead gave me the idea of an ~hour long multiplayer game without any sort of persistence. Break it up into episodes where the equipment/stats do not carry over.
    Starcraft's tech tree is the inspiration for how I want the leveling system to work. Starcraft mid-game can branch wildly, where even the same races are through very different units at each other.

    (Though I suppose Deus Ex 3 might be a better example of the kind of ability tree I want to have)

    Within an hour of playing, all players will be able to reach the top tier of abilities. Rapid character growth and an expanding choice of abilities should help keep things interesting to replay.

    Do you want to add the dragon kick to your arsenal so you can quickly close horizontal distance? If not, you could go for the air juggle, giving yourself more air time. Dragon Kick? Ok, well do you want to drill through the enemy for multiple hits, or bounce off for more air time and options? Forget getting a new move, how about doubling your attack or speed?

    That's easy to type though. I've got a rough outline of the level tree but I can already see problems with it, and I have to make sure the levels can be beaten with any group of abilities. Can't have everyone pick ice powers and then they can't hurt the ice mammoth.

  • LegbaLegba Registered User regular
    I've got all my mechanics working now, which means I can start building the actual game, putting in story, etc.


    I kinda want to just keep fiddling with the mechanics.

  • FearghaillFearghaill Try to be kinder. You have no idea what people are going through.Registered User regular
    Legba wrote: »
    I've got all my mechanics working now, which means I can start building the actual game, putting in story, etc.


    I kinda want to just keep fiddling with the mechanics.

    nothing wrong with fiddling with it, refining gameplay isn't bad.

  • LegbaLegba Registered User regular
    edited May 2012
    Yeah but I think I'm just putting off writing the actual story.

    It's weird, because that's the bit I thought I'd enjoy most, but I've had a few sleepless nights thinking about mechanics and not a single one about the story.

    But I mean, even though I have the main structural components are done, actually writing the story will uncover new problems I need to implement mechanics for, so it's win/win. It's just the next step of the process.

    Legba on
  • PwnanObrienPwnanObrien Registered User regular
    edited May 2012
    So the group of former classmates I'm currently working with has set a deadline of 8 weeks. This thing is falling apart like a Chinese motorcycle. Note to self: if the lead ever puts her roommate in charge of level design, bail.

    Also, freelance? More like "do two jobs then the client tries to pay you the rate for when you did one job"-lance M I RITE?!?!

    PwnanObrien on
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