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[8BD-IC/OOC] 8-Bit Dystopia – Cue Grimdark (Recruitment Open!)

MatevMatev Cero MiedoRegistered User regular
edited January 2011 in Critical Failures
Alright, kinda new to this, please be gentle...>>;;


Introduction (Not an original piece)
I used to think that we were strong, unbreakable. We all did back then. Before the Invaders taught us to fear. We fought for five years against the never-ending hordes, pilots destroying the incoming craft by the thousands. Still they came, and in the end the best of man just wasn't good enough. All of our heroes died the day the earth fell, our dreams broken in a single crash. That's why we're here in the City, hastily formed from old corporate mining colonies untouched by those inscrutable Invaders for God knows what reason. We'll probably never know why, I suppose – why the aliens that set our home world ablaze, without any warning, would simply disappear without any trace afterwards and without leaving a mark anywhere else. It's been ten years since then, long enough for a generation to be born without knowing about the blue-green world before. I expect there's grown people out there who don't even remember it. The green hills don't sing any more, they're dust on a dead planet. Instead we're trapped screaming silently in the City of Light. Chemical plants and casinos, bread and circuses while the corp elite close their iron grip. He – they - all of them are going to grind us down some day. I should know. I helped them do it; I build the ships and the bots. I put the guns in their hands because I still thought there were some heroes left, but I was wrong. They all burned with their Tanks.

I can't talk about Wily Corp. Not here. RoboDyne? I know why Wily is on top, too well, but the secret of Ivo Robotnik's success is a mystery. He owned some of the colonies, a head start that still should have seen him devoured like the others. Yeah, I hear the rumors. Abductions. Disappearances. People say he's got a beam that can turn anything into a robotic slave, but people say a lot of foolish things. He hasn't got any such thing, take it from me kiddo. I'm a roboticist myself, but you knew that already.

In a way I can respect Big R. From what I can see – and at least I get a good perspective from twenty stories high – he's a wholly self-made man. Owes nothing, his success done to his own skill as much as his ruthlessness. Almost everything that RoboDyne puts out is the doctor's own design. Maybe in his way he is a hero, a man with so much ambition he won't disappear no matter what. You can respect that. We don't live in a two-colored world anymore, now everything is so shaded you can't tell where the hero ends and the villain begins. My God. Maybe we'd all have been better off in the Tanks with all of the good men.

MetPharm, they freak me. I guess they freak out most folks, not least because their CEO is so secretive. Nobody has a clue who MB really is; you hear rumors but nothing concrete. Some nut told me the place is run by an Invader, but that's impossible. The Invaders never had any interest in talking, nobody even knows what they really look like, and no Invader ever gave an atom about the City. Just disappeared back into the darkness between the stars. I think MB is just another researcher turned overlord; the City has no shortage of them. I wouldn't be too surprised if he turns out to be stuffed full of dangerous bioaugs; isn't like the other Bigs have much humanity left in them. Or anyone nowadays; life is measured and always too cheap. The other 'vader tech rumors are certainly bullshit, the ships or drones would always wreck themselves as soon as they were damaged. I guess people get so frightened by the bioaugs they don't want to imagine any human could be capable of making it. I wish I could share that delusion.

Delusion. Despair. It's only natural that the dwellers feel it. It validates them in a way, means they're real. You'd think it'd make for a city of rebellion and heroes, but people just seem to stop at despair, never reaching out for something else. They just sit their, oppressed and apathetic. Content to pity themselves and cry out for somebody else to get the work done. They're just shells of men convinced that this is how things are meant to be. They're every bit as soulless as the machines around them. Not like you though. That's why you're here with me now…

Setting (or “What is this I don’t even”): 8-Bit Dystopia is a mash up of our old beloved video games and a grim, Blade Runner/Shadowrun style sprawl. Here, the villains hold sway and control most people’s lives, and heroes have either yet to rise up, or are viewed as dangerous disruptions to the established order (at best). For the feel of this setting, the aforementioned Blade Runner help to establish the backdrop (And other various Cyberpunk/Sci-Noir), as well as the short fan-series “There Will Be Brawl”. The storyline presented in the albums of the Protomen also provide an idea of the how setting might work. Knowledge of mentioned video games is encouraged (For catching references and generally to enhance the experience), but not entirely necessary.

This setting is not mine but the mindshare creation of a certain forum (which shall not be named), which I have been inspired to attempt to take up and run, so bear with me as we test the waters.

Rules: This game will use the Savage Worlds system. Characters start as Rookies and will have the chance to grow at milestones throughout the game. Dice rolls must of course be where I can see them. (via Invisible Castle or what have you)

Submissions: I’m looking for 4-5 people to run this with in a play by post format. Original Characters or “Established” gaming icons are both welcome (See here for examples) as there are a million stories that we can tell. What story will you tell? One of a fall? One of redemption? Or the myriad shades of grey twixt and between?

"Go down, kick ass, and set yourselves up as gods, that's our Prime Directive!"
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