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Best Sennheiser in-ear headphones

TavTav Registered User regular
edited January 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
As the title says. is having having a crazy good sale at the moment and I want to get myself a nice pair while it's on. I'm leaning towards the CX 400's simply because they're the top selling make at the moment, but really, I'm open to suggestions.

Tav on


  • PhotonPhoton Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    Do you really mean best? Because that would be these:

    If not, what's your budget?

    Photon on
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  • TechnicalityTechnicality Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    If possible I would avoid the sennheisers with the long thin L type plug (like the CX400-II's you linked). I had a pair of the old plug style sennheisers which lasted forever. When I lost them I replaced them with two successive updated sets with that plug on and in both cases it started gradually falling apart after a few months, as the hard plastic bit holding the pin separated from the soft plastic outer case. I gave up and got a older revision pair without that plug and I've been happy ever since.

    If you aren't intending to travel around with them on or anything though this might not be an issue. Its also possible I was just really unlucky and this normally doesn't happen.

    Technicality on
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  • TavTav Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    Unfortunatly, this thread is null and void. I went to get a pair of CX 500's and as it turns out, Amazon don't deliver the judiciously cheap ones to Ireland! :(

    Tav on
  • Mojo_JojoMojo_Jojo A lemon squeezed in the salty fist of Poseidon Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    Sennheiser headphones are great, but they will break in two or three months. However, they have a warranty. Keep your proof of purchase and warranty card so you can get a new set when yours go.

    It's one of the earpieces which will stop working, I can't remember which but it happens to every set of their in-ear headphones due to them using super thin wire which gets stressed in a particular point. They are well aware of the problem, but don't seem to want to change their design.

    Mojo_Jojo on
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