Nintendo 3DS Thread: Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D awarded "best box art" so far



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    LodsiekLodsiek Registered User regular
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    I'd appreciate it. I have a few things to note that I haven't seen anyone else mention yet, and I'd hate for it to die immediately with the old thread. I'll probably just wait till tomorrow though.

    Lodsiek on
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    RehabRehab Registered User regular
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    Alex Atkin UKAlex Atkin UK Registered User regular
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    Spoit wrote: »
    Norfair wrote: »
    I'd guess that the cases are thinner because they probably don't have the GBA cart slots in them anymore.

    I think they got rid of those like a year ago when they went for the "eco friendly" cases. I know pokemon doesn't have one

    I have Pokemon Black European and it still has the GBA slot. Same clear plastic case as Mario Kart and Sonic Rush.

    I guess they are still struggling fitting all those European languages in.

    Alex Atkin UK on
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