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Games and Technology: AWESOME POST in "Video Game Industry Thread: All sales and no Wii 2 make

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Some numbers/info from Invisible Walls again.
100 games sold over 100k.

13 Wii games in top 30.
8 360 games in top 30.
5 PS3 games in top 30
4 DS games in top 30.
3 PSP games in top 200.

No Move games in the top 30.
3 or 4 Kinect games in top 30.

Just Dance 2 - ~2 million
Donkey Kong Country Returns - 1.344 million
Super Mario All Stars - ~500k
God of War Ghost of Sparta - About 100k-150k/roughly 10% as much as Chains of Olympus's first 2 months

GBA - 42
GCN - 2
DS - 2,512,317
PS2 - 75,428
PS3 - 1,209,660
PSP - 428,566
Wii - 2,355,151
X-Box - 0
360 - 1,856,438
Post: Video Game Industry Thread: All sales and no Wii 2 make Pachter something something
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Posted by: Santa Claustrophobia
Original Content:
Rehab wrote: »
Rehab wrote: »
Ouch. That is decisively brutal.

Also, two new GameCubes sold in December? I honestly have no idea why that would happen or where they would be found in retail. It makes a lot more sense to just buy a Wii and have twice as much GameCube.

Just what are you trying to say here?

Actually, I would like to know your thoughts on this.

Afterall, you were the one who only delivered two of Nintendo's last gen consoles to children this year. How many wishlists from kids who just woke up from being comatose for half a decade did you disregard? When did you turn from being so jolly to a man who derives satisfaction from shattering the hopes and dreams of kids who want an old gaming system that has been off the market for years and is housed entirely within a new system that can be found everywhere?

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