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Debate and/or Discourse: AWESOME POST in "Es[chat]ology", by Honk

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Post: Es[chat]ology
Forum: Debate and/or Discourse
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Posted by: Honk
Original Content:
So guys

how 'bout that Silent Hill movie imhappyplz.gif

I'll tell you what about that movie.

We went and saw it in the cinema. The day after that I was home alone and woke up and walked out to fetch the paper. There was a thick veil of smoke-fog everywhere and the visibility was approximately so that you could see fuzzy shapes at 20 meters distance. Also it was raining tiny fragments of ash, and then a siren started going in the distance. I probably did pee in my pants I'm not joking.

Explanation: It seems there had been a bushfire raging in the forest a block or so away and huge amounts of wet leaves had caused the thick smoke and cinders in the air. It also happened to be the first monday of the month - during which air raid sirens on official buildings are always tested.

Rent on


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