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Java issues, possibly from old video card

proyebatproyebat GARY WAS HEREASH IS A LOSERRegistered User regular
Last week my power supply burnt out and thus had to scrounge around for anew power supply while I RMA'd the other. Couldn't use my ATI HD4870 and had to use nvidia onboard graphics. I uninstalled whatever catalyst I had and installed Nvidia drivers. Then I find my old ATI x1800xt, hook that up, uninstall nvidia drivers install the legacy ati driver for it (they updated it to 10.2 from 9.3 previously).

Now here comes my problem today, any program using java crashes. Even java's web verify page freezes firefox for using java. O_o MINECRAFT black screens. my prrrreeeeeeciousssssss minecraft

I've uninstalled java and its old updates, and reinstalled the latest version. Also, I might not have noticed this until after I swapped graphics cards so it could be some stupid PEBKAC. Any suggestions?

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