Nintendo announces Pandora's Tower for Wii

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Other than the JP release date of Spring 2011, a teaser image and the rating of CERO C, there's nothing we know about this game.




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    That's not quite correct, we know a few things.

    The subtitle translates to "until I'm by your side again."

    This image was found in the flash file, phrases from the book of Job:


    The teaser picture of the girl was edited slightly shortly after the site went live; originally, it showed her eye:


    Link to the teaser background music.

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    Eh, I was talking more about stuff like the developer, genre and stuff like that, but you're right. I wonder who the developer could be? It's a bit too quick to be MonolithSoft, no?

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    OlivawOlivaw good name, isn't it? the foot of mt fujiRegistered User regular
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    Weren't they working on some weird, slightly darker Kid Icarus game for a while

    This looks like that

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    Here is a trailer:


    Strangely, my import of the UK version has shipped before my import of "The Last Story". I ordered them the other way around.

    Since there are darker themes to this one, it is more up my alley.

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