Anyone try the GTA trilogy for the PC/Mac?

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Hey all, I just burned through Wheelman and suddenly have an urge to go through the gta series. I've played all of the current gen ones, but I only rented vice city once or twice and have never played GTA3 or San Andreas.

How do they hold up and is the Mac version (which i assume is basically the PC version) a decent port? All I've got is my ps3 and laptop; I don't even have a mouse!

I vaguely recall stopping Vice City because of the ridiculous difficulty spikes towards the latter half of the game and the lack of mission checkpoints. But I did enjoy most of gta4 (especially Gay Tony), and spent wayyyy too many hours in Saint's Row.

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    Why not buy the Classic Pack and Trilogy Pack from Amazon? I don't care if they don't work for Mac.
    I'm not a Mac supporter.
    Should be a damn low price too.
    GO FOR IT.
    Yes I'll be doing the same thing eventually.
    Suggestion, play in series order with 1 era first, then 2 era (only one game), III era (III (Liberty City Stories), Vice City (VC Stories), San Andreas) and of course IV era (IV + expansions which are The Lost and the Damned/The Ballad of Gay Tony and the DS Chinatown Wars.)

    Of course GTA V might not happen for awhile since each new era is a different engine. My guess is IV-era still isn't over, yet.

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    They look really old now - they are PS2 ports after all, but the gameplay still shines through. You'll have to deal with a locked camera in GTA III and Vice City, but everything after that (San Andreas onwards) is fine in that regard.

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