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Hard Drive: Click of Death? (Edit: possibly more general problem)

DelzhandDelzhand Noxalas!Registered User regular
edited January 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
My hard drive has recently started clicking. Some preliminary google research indicates that the sound it makes is sorta like the "Click of Death", but it isn't constant. It will just click a handful of times, but it's getting more frequent.

I found some information suggesting a heavily fragmented drive will do this, but my defragger runs on a regular schedule.

It's a 4-5 year old Dell Inspiron laptop, and I don't know if it is in fact the hard drive, or if failure is imminent. I've got my most important data backed up on an external.

There aren't any performance issues with the laptop that can't be explained by it's age or specs. Even when I hear the clicking it's not like there's any noticeable performance chance.

Any ideas?

Edit: As I was switching tabs around, it almost seemed to start clicking in response to big on-screen changes. Sometimes the screensaver coming up starts it too, but I can't reproduce it.

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  • soxboxsoxbox Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    First step should be getting something to view your SMART stats on your drive.

    Maybe ?

    See whether there's any error stats.

    soxbox on
  • DelzhandDelzhand Noxalas! Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    It says all the values are OK.

    *** DiskCheckup V3.0 Build: 1006 Report ***

    SysInfo DLL Version: SysInfo v1.0 Build: 1008
    Time of export: 19:43:17 30-Jan-2011

    Device information:
    Device ID: 0
    Interface: ATA
    Device Capacity: 76316 MB
    Serial Number: WD-WXE207007086
    Model Number: WDC WD800BEVS-75RST0
    Firmware Revision: 04.01G04
    C: 76316 MB

    ATA information:

    Disk geometry:
    Cylinders: 9729
    Tracks/Cylinder: 255
    Sectors/Track: 63
    Bytes/Sector: 512
    Total disk sectors: 156301488
    Logical sector size: 512
    Physical sector size: 512
    Media rotation rate: N/A
    Buffer size: 8192 KB
    ECC size: 50 Bytes

    Standards compliance:
    ATA8-ACS Supported: No
    ATA/ATAPI-7 Supported: Yes
    ATA/ATAPI-6 Supported: Yes
    ATA/ATAPI-5 Supported: Yes
    ATA/ATAPI-4 Supported: Yes
    World Wide ID: 50014EE25574304C

    Feature support:
    SMART supported: Yes
    SMART enabled: Yes
    SMART self-test supported: Yes
    SMART error log supported: Yes
    LBA supported: Yes
    IORDY supported: Yes
    CFast supported: No
    DMA supported: Yes
    Maximum Multiword DMA mode supported: 2
    Multiword DMA selected: None
    Maximum UltraDMA mode supported: 6
    UltraDMA selected: 5
    Maximum PIO mode supported: 4
    SATA Compliance: Yes
    NCQ priority information supported: No
    Unload while NCQ commands are outstanding supported: No
    Phy Event Counters supported: Yes
    Receipt of power management requests supported: Yes
    NCQ feature set supported: Yes
    SATA Gen2 Signaling Speed (3.0Gb/s) supported: No
    SATA Gen1 Signaling Speed (1.5Gb/s) supported: Yes
    Software Settings Preservation: Supported, Enabled
    In-order data delivery: Not supported
    Initiating power management: Supported, Enabled
    DMA Setup auto-activation: Supported, Disabled
    Non-zero buffer offsets: Not supported
    Trusted Computing supported: No
    Host Protected Area (HPA) supported: Yes
    Read look-ahead supported: Yes
    Read look-ahead enabled: Yes
    Write cache supported: Yes
    Write cache enabled: Yes
    Power management supported: Yes
    Security mode supported: Yes
    Security mode enabled: No
    Device Configuration Overlay (DCO) supported: Yes
    48bit Addressing supported: Yes
    Auto Acoustic Managment (AAM) supported: Yes
    Auto Acoustic Managment (AAM) enabled: No
    Power-up in Standby (PUIS) supported: No
    Advanced Power Management (APM) supported: Yes
    Advanced Power Management (APM) enabled: Yes
    Current APM level: Minimum power consumption without Standby
    CompactFlash Association (CFA) supported: No
    General Purpose Logging (GPL) supported: Yes
    Streaming supported: No
    Media card pass through supported: No
    Extended power conditions supported: No
    Extended status reporting supported: No
    Write-read-verify supported: No
    Free-fall control supported: No
    TRIM command supported: No
    SCT command transport supported: Yes
    NV Cache enabled: No
    NV Cache Power Management supported: No

    ID Description Status Value Worst Threshold Raw Value TEC
    1 Raw Read Error Rate OK 200 200 51 8 N.A.
    3 Spin Up Time OK 159 156 21 1008 N.A.
    4 Start/Stop Count OK 98 98 0 2777 N.A.
    5 Reallocated Sector Count OK 200 200 140 0 N.A.
    7 Seek Error Rate OK 100 253 51 0 N.A.
    9 Power On Time OK 67 67 0 24291 N.A.
    10 Spin Retry Count OK 100 100 51 0 N.A.
    11 Calibration Retry Count OK 100 100 51 0 N.A.
    12 Power Cycle Count OK 98 98 0 2643 N.A.
    192 Power off Retract Count OK 200 200 0 211 N.A.
    193 Load Cycle Count OK 50 50 0 450096 N.A.
    194 Temperature OK 99 85 0 44 C N.A.
    196 Reallocation Event Count OK 200 200 0 0 N.A.
    197 Current Pending Sector Count OK 200 200 0 0 N.A.
    198 Uncorrectable Sector Count OK 100 253 0 0 N.A.
    199 UltraDMA CRC Error Count OK 200 200 0 0 N.A.
    200 Write Error Count OK 100 253 51 0 N.A.

    Delzhand on
    Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward - November Elspeth (Sargatanas)
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