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Hey everybody!

So some of you may have, or may have not played this game called Immortal Empire.

It's got a sort of FF Tactics kinda feel, but it's got multiplayer too, which I think is pretty neat.

More on point, before the release, they had had a competition to create some of the music for the game, and they're doing it again, only this time they're looking for pixel art. The idea here being you could win some cash, and potentially get your character/tile set/monster featured in an update.

I know pixel art is considered by a lot of people to be kind of a dead form, but I like it, and I'm sure there are at the least, a few retro-gamers here who also happen to be artists. And at least a few of those who would be willing to give pixel art a stab if they haven't already.

Just thought this would be of interest to some of you. I'll be entering for sure.

Info can be found here:

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    Yeah, there may be a couple of people here who would be interested in entering but this is something that should be posted in the chat thread. New threads are generally reserved for posting/discussing artwork.

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