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Radio Free Nintendo: A Live Nintendo Podcast for Grown-Ups... 2!

StrikerObiStrikerObi Tallahassee, FLRegistered User regular
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Hey everybody. Our little podcast had a great time with our panel at the inaugural PAX East last year. It was a small gathering (we were scheduled against the keynote) but it was a blast. I just wanted to take a moment to announce that we will be back! Radio Free Nintendo will be recording another live show at PAX East 2011. Thankfully this time you won't have to skip us to see the keynote, since we are currently scheduled to be in the "Cat Theatre" at 10:30AM on Saturday (note that this time/location is subject to change according to the PAX East officials -- if it does change I will update this post).

If anybody here was at our panel last year, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see you back this year. We haven't quite nailed down exactly what our topic will be this year (last year it was "what makes a Nintendo game?") but I am thinking that it will be at least partially about the 3DS since it will be about a week or so after PAX. Plus I am crossing my fingers that Nintendo will have them on hand to try out, which would be awesome.

So please come check us out this year if you want to watch five friends riff on Nintendo for about an hour. I should mention that we aren't exactly fanboys (at least not anymore). I think that's something that makes us a little different from your typical console-specific site/show. We're also hoping to have a few more guests from Nintendo World Report, since we didn't have room for everyone on the panel. We had a ton of fun last year and we plan on doing the same this year.

P.S. You can check out our podcast at

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