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Faded Sneakers Thread of Resurrection

Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
edited February 2011 in Artist's Corner
Howdy Everyone ~

Some may remember me. Others not. In any case after a year away from you delightful folk I am back.

Im relying on a digital camera and a public library computer here so the quality of the pics are not great but I hope that wont stop feedback.

Here are a few things. Hugs to everyone!

Sketches for now. More completed stuff to come later. GAH! Bout to run outta time. RAWR!














Instagram: fadedsneakers
Faded_Sneakers on


  • ninjaininjai Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    Hey sneakers. Nice ta meetcha.

    SO many picutres, can't pick a favorite, but I love what you did with the hair pattern 3rd from the bottom. Can't wait to see more of your completed stuff.

    Looking @ deviant art nao.

    ninjai on
    Mice scratching at the walls inside of your head.
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    You could have sent me a PM or something.
  • Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    Thank you Ninjai. Nice to meet you as well.

    Here are a few more images. Yes, lately Ive been a little preoccupied with angels. ~_O

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. Especially on making my poses less static and helping to differentiate the forfront figure from the background without eliminating the textures completely.





    A quick sketch of a friend wearing a weird mask jacket thing, which he used to draw his own version of himself adding a samuraii sword, so I had to go back to it and add TWO and a hawk because Im competitive and a dork.









    A self portrait on a self portrait.





    Off to the drawing board. Lates!

    Faded_Sneakers on
    Instagram: fadedsneakers
  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited February 2011
    This is almost too much to crit at once... Its good to see a bunch of drawings, Im glad you are busy. I Guess for me I have questions to know how to help.

    How much of this stuff is referenced? Are you drawing from life?

    Do you sketch these things out before you go over them with pen? Are you using ball point?

    I would either really slow down on your hatching and try to hatch with forms, or try some different shading methods. Things seem really inconsistent to me. Sometimes you have a pretty okay sense of structure and the shading shows some light and volume, other times its all over the place. Some of the medias aren't mixing well either, pencil is so gray and shiny, it doesn't really play well with anything.

    What artists do you admire? Are you working to a goal?

    Iruka on
  • Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    Hey Iruka! Good questions:

    Id say about 1/2 and 1/2 from references. Both photos and real life. I try not reference other peoples arwork intentionally unless trying to make a tribute to them or spoof them in some way.

    The sketched / messy ones are almost all just straight ball point pen. The more completed / cleaner ones are sketched in pencil first.

    Artists I like are along the lines of MC Escher and the other Illusionist artists, and comic book artists like Joe Mad, Travis Charist and Art Adams.

    My goal is to self publish my own comics and stories probably on the web and perhaps teach art at a university or high school at some point. Maybe get into tattoos. Not sure about that though.

    Some of the inconsistencies I think may boil down to two issues, sometimes I have an idea for a face, stance, or single point of interest, then draw it and decide to force it into something I hadent thought out like a landscape, body, etc and other times I simply loose focus or interest but still feel obligated to finish the sketch etc.

    I need to draw more thumbnails and quick prep pics. I find that helps with both issues.


    Faded_Sneakers on
    Instagram: fadedsneakers
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