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This is your Mage thread! I'll attempt to keep this up to date as much as possible as I come across new forms of information for raiding as well as PvPz.


You got three specs to choose from:
Talent Spec with Prime Glyphs Here!
The basic play style for Arcane includes two different phases; your burn phase and your conserve phase. You'll start off the beginning of the fight in your burn phase, going through Abx4Abarr then mana gemming for the spell power buff and subsequently using Arcane Power and trinkets and everything to spam Arcane Blast till roughly 40% mana, at which point you'll want to evocate and then switch to a conserve phase of ABx2Abarr/ABx2AM or something similar to that depending on mana pool.

Fight Start --> ABx4AM/Abarr -- > Mana Gem/AP/Trinket/Images --> AB till 40% mana --> Evocate --> ABx2Abarr/AM --> Refresh.

I'm not sure about the stat weights right now but I assume for arcane it goes something like this:
Hit to 17% > Int > Mastery(?) > Haste(?) > Crit(?)

Talent spec with Prime Glyphs here!
Fire works quite similar to arcane in that you have a burn phase and conserve phase, the only difference being that your burn phase will last quite a long time depending on the mana regeneration of your raid composition.

The priority rotation works like this:
Is Critical Mass up? Scorch (or Pyroblast depending).
Is Living Bomb up? Living Bomb
Is Hot Streak proc'd? Pyroblast
Is Ignite up along with the above DoTs? Combustion

The stat weights for Fire is:
Hit to 17% > Int > Crit >>>>>>> Mastery > Haste
Crit is your strongest stat as fire right now, so the more the better.

Talent Spec with Prime Glyphs here!
Frost's priority system:
Is Fingers of Frost up? Is Deep Freeze off Cooldown? Deep Freeze
Is Freeze (Pet's Ranged Frost Nova) off Cooldown? Is DF off Cooldown? Deep Freeze
Is Fingers of Frost up? Ice Lance
Is Brain Freeze up? Frostfire Bolt

The stat weights for Frost are:
Hit to 17% > Int > Crit to 33% > Mastery > Haste

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