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The Great Plush Microbe Hunt

Lugh LamfhadaLugh Lamfhada Registered User regular
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In far off Scandinavia an adventurer heard of a gathering of like minded fellows; champions and villains, wise men and fools, all gathering together to celebrate a shared passion. Intrigued he ventured forth and crossed many lands and a wide ocean to reach this gathering. With him he brought an offering for the two beings that gathered the people together. It was a modest offering but the beings found it amusing. Upon accepting it one turn to the other and made a jest, that such would be presented to them at every such gathering they held in that place. I was there and saw this. Remembering this I thought it would be good sport to prove their jest true and ensure that they did receive such offerings. Now almost a full year has passed and the beings are about hold forth their gathering once more. I ask you who gather here; what say you to aiding me in my venture? Who here wishes to see them receive...
a plush microbe?

All right, in all seriousness Mike and Jerry did joke about how getting a plush microbe was going to be an annual event. I thought it would be ammusing to make their prophesy come true. Anyone else here think it would be fun? If so, any suggestions about which one they should get? I can't recall which one they got last year but I'm sure someone does. I figured it should be a different one every year.

Too much paprika.
Shit! Too much paprika!
Lugh Lamfhada on
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