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40k LIVE game from Canada! (NSF56K)



  • Master ShakeMaster Shake Registered User
    edited February 2007

    Master Shake on
  • DraugDraug Registered User
    edited February 2007
    Well, that was awesome. :D

    Draug on
  • Omnicron9999Omnicron9999 Registered User
    edited February 2007
    Oh sweet merciful jesus...that was incredible.

    Omnicron9999 on
  • trentsteeltrentsteel Registered User regular
    edited February 2007
    now that I know how much easier it was for me to use Google Video we might do this again and up the ante punishment-wise. I want to revamp my army a bit though, it looked like crap out there. I split the vampire-fex up and made him into three shooty warriors since then and I noticed my painting skills have improved a lot and I'd like us to use some better scenery. I'd like to see more battle reports from others too.

    trentsteel on
    I made a TD for iphone and windows phone!

  • ColtColt .45 ColoradoRegistered User regular
    edited February 2007
    That was awesome. Definetly do it again.

    Colt on
  • SquirrelNinjaSquirrelNinja Registered User
    edited February 2007
    I agree, if more games had consequences like this battles would be fought alot harder, although that genesis was obviously busted before it hit the head, I still approve!

    SquirrelNinja on
    Bright and cold, the flash of steel.
    Alone I wander over desolate fields.
    My swords, I need no longer.
    The evening wind shall carry me home.
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