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The shading and Website

KrazedKrazed Registered User regular
edited February 2011 in Artist's Corner
I lurk here a lot, but I think I post once a year or so...
Anyway, I'm trying to improve on this style of shading. Please give me some advice, critiquing, etc.

Also, I am currently building a website for Crazed. So any advice on that would be fantastic. I really am not familiar with out to build a website and it really does feel over my head.

Thanks all!

Krazed on


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    squidbunnysquidbunny Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    Hard to comment on the website without any screenshots or a link.

    As for the character: looks like you're just going darker/lighter with your shades/highlights without changing up the hue at all, which tends to make things look a little dull/flat/unrealistic. Color's more fun than that.

    This looks like a job for the tut.

    squidbunny on
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    bustin98bustin98 Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    That was a great read, squidbunny. Thanks for linking it :)

    I do web design/programming for my day job. Post any questions you have and I'm sure I or others will be able to help out.

    bustin98 on
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    melting_dollmelting_doll Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    I'm no pro at shading, so I wouldn't be able to offer any real advice. But, observing the picture itself, she has reaaaally long legs. Her right (our left) elbow looks backwards, and the wrinkles on her apparently skin-tight dress are obviously improvised.

    I'll definitely give you credit for using variation in line width (despite the lack of consistency), but I would encourage you to study some forms! Everyone can benefit from more practice (:

    Also, if you have more stuff to post, it might be easier for people to crit your shading!

    melting_doll on
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