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recommend-on: sound blocking phone headset?

illigillig Registered User regular
edited February 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
Like many here, I'm sure, I work in a cubicle farm. While this workspace solution is great for my company's real estate bottom line, it's not so great for my concentration and sanity while I try to lead my daily conference calls.

I currently use a very good plantronics Bluetooth phone headset connected to my desk phone... but its a single ear model, and definitely does not block out the noise made by my loud-ass coworkers.

Can someone suggest a better solution? Some sort of dual ear model? My google skills are failing me BC I can't seem to find anything that falls between what I have and the other extreme - which is headsets used by landing officers on aircraft carriers :D
Something used in the phone support industry perhaps?

illig on
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