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Wrong comic upload? 2/21/11 is the same as 10/25/10

The Smartest Man?The Smartest Man? Registered User regular
Hi, I was wondering if this was a bug on the comic page today. I noticed that this comic seemed familiar, and found that the comic "A Campaign Of Perpetual Psychic Warfare" is the same as "A Policy Of Conscious Aggression." I have only been following the comic for about a year or so, and I am not sure if Gabe and Tycho sometimes use the same strip to associate with their news thread. If they do, then OK, I must see it as odd. If not, you may want to check and see if someone accidentally opened up some worm holes or some other mystical time paradox thingermcflymajiggers.

So it goes...
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  • angryroosterangryrooster Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    Yeah, this was bothering me, too. Thanks for looking up the old comic, hopefully someone realizes the mistake an uploads the proper comic.

    I was really confused about how this comic related to "abusing Gabriel."

    - Rooster

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