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Researching Europe birth rate, need propaganda

CantidoCantido Registered User regular
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There was a great picture of a European billboard from France with a baby on it, with the phrase "France Needs Children." That and anything of that nature would be great. I can't seem to find it or anything similar.

I'm doing a military presentation on the falling Birth Rate of Europe, and the different effects it could have on Europe, and the real approaches as opposed to the common "zomg mooslims will take over lol" attitude haunting people.

Of all the countries, France has probably taken the best approach, being effective without stepping on the personal lives of the public with good social services. Of course Europe has the highest unemployment of young people, which has to be taken care of. Young people need a future before they can make babies.

Any help with finding the right picture or researching this would be appreciated.

I'm thinking of throwing this in:

Yeah, it's not a formal presentation :P

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