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I'll try to keep it short. I just moved and suddenly my wife's pc randomly loses wireless connection to our router located 2 feet from her - sometimes just for a minute, sometimes for ten. My hypothesis is that it's because we suddenly live in a neighborhood/building where we can see like 15 wireless routers broadcasting SSID, and they're hogging the airwaves.

The router is a Cisco Linksys 2000. It's dual band. I downloaded InSSIDer and looked at how the networks are spread across the 2.4ghz band. They're all over the place. There is no clear channel; they all have at least 2 networks on each of them. My router has an "auto" channel feature; I have no clue how smart it is at picking the least crowded channel.

Now, if I switch to the 5 ghz band, there are NO other routers on that band. Awesome - except that it looks like my xbox can only see the 2.4ghz band, so the xbox falls off the network when I change that setting.

Any advice? Is my best bet to just leave it on 2.4ghz until my wife loses connection, then switch to 5ghz, then when I need to use the xbox, switch back to 2.4ghz? Annoying!

edit: I fail at technology. It is not dual band; if it was, I could use both bands at the same time. Maybe I will go buy a dual band router.

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