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Mage the awakening questions

Disco11Disco11 Registered User regular
edited March 2011 in Critical Failures
Hello all

I played the OWD Mage game back in the mid 90's and want to run the new version for my regular role playing group. Have the core book and the WOD sourcebook but am struggling trying to craft a story. Any suggestions on a good module for a first time storyteller

PSN: Canadian_llama
Disco11 on


  • Edith UpwardsEdith Upwards Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    The real problem with Mage is figuring out how to get your players interested initially.

    The rest is dangling a bunch of half-formed hooks and letting their paranoia create your adventures.

    And remember, cell-phone pings are detectable with Forces, so anyone who understands technical matters can hunt your PC's down with ease until they learn their goddamn lesson.

    Edith Upwards on
  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Chantry of NightmaresRegistered User regular
    edited March 2011
    There's a couple ways you could go about it: have a pre-established Consilium with NPCs of your own creating and work the characters into it, or pretty much let them do their own thing and possibly arrange their own government.

    Also, decide what the antagonist is going to be, that might help you decide on a tone. Seers? Banishers? Unleashed hell-spawn from the Abyss?

    cj iwakura on
    Well, good morning. Welcome to the new scenario. What should we do today?
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