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I am self-conscious and stuck advertising something.

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Admittedly, I mainly joined the Penny Arcade forums because I booked Anamanaguchi for an upcoming free concert at my university, and I thought a lot of people here would want to know that. But of course spamming is disrespectful to the community, and destructive in what it invites, unchecked, for the board's future. As a board administrator, even the pretence of my activity here would immediately make me consider suspending this account. I won't one-off a string of stupid posts that plug my event...there's really no value for the board in that, and even if the show matters to people at large, I know that would still crowd out legitimate conversations and so do harm. I considered making a series of intelligent posts with a link about the concert in my signature to hopefully spread the word in a way valuable to other people, and I was especially hopeful such a campaign would succeed and encourage less scrupulous spammers to attempt to mimic good behavior (often, I imagine, for hilariously strangled results), but I'm mentally fatigued from an extended period of show promotion. I don't think, right now, I can say much insightful to anybody about anything. So unfortunately, my plan to trade thoughtful discourse and social interaction for public awareness of this show is a virtual impossibility. Zut alors.

The help I'm asking for is essentially this: if you know a few people who live near Rhode Island and would like to go to this, please tell them or, if you're feeling especially nice, update your signature to match mine. Please don't shout "hallelujah" from a mountain and make your contribution of well-intentioned yellow snow to the moderators. I want a more subdued effusion which might even have a golden hue.

Differently, who should I talk to about volunteering for next year's PAX East? It's a great event, and I want to give something back to PA for putting it on.

Anamanaguchi is playing a free concert at the University of Rhode Island on March 5, and I want to tell people without being obnoxious. Check out the details.
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    If you'd like to volunteer to help out, your best option would be volunteering to be an enforcer. They help with pretty much every aspect of the convention.

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    You want to promote your show? Paste flyers up everywhere around town. Call your local radio station and have them mention it (daily), or even book an in-studio performance if you can. Take out ads in your local papers, be it daily papers or weekly zines. Make a Facebook event and invite all of your friends (and suggest Anamanaguchi do the same, though they've likely already made a post at least).

    Chances are, you're going to catch a wide audience with a post like this--but that's a wide audience around the world. I couldn't give a shit about a show across the country, personally, and even if I were in the area I'm not sure that subliminally parsing it through someone's sig on the PA forums would be enough to garner interest.

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    Part of this post is inappropriate for H/A, and the other part can be answered over in the PAX forum, so I'm locking this.

    Do not use H/A to advertise.

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