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Dnd 4e Noobs wanna freeplay

PolynomialsPolynomials Registered User regular
edited March 2011 in PAX Archive
Hey there. Me and my gf are coming to PAX and I was interested in setting up a session with some people during one of the freeplay times in the venues. But it's only us two. We know DnD 4e, and we both have characters. I am a level 1 Paladin, she's a level 2 rogue. I also play a Ranger in another game.

Would anyone be interested in playing or DMing a game with us during this time? We also would be willling to learn some new rules or a new system if enough time was given, if 4e is too reviled by the general populace (as I have gotten the feeling that it might be? I dunno). edit: this is for Pax East of course.

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