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Considering getting into photography... advice?

SkyTurnsRedSkyTurnsRed Saint LouisRegistered User regular
edited March 2011 in Artist's Corner
Hey all,

I've been wanting to pick up something new for a while, and I've been really interested in photography for quite a while. I'm pretty creative and artistically inclined, so I feel that this is sort of a natural next step for me. I've seen some of the work you guys have posted and I am blown away by the talent you guys possess, so I definitely think I'm in the right spot.

So, the few questions I have for you are:

1) What are some cameras that you'd recommend for someone like myself?
2) Is there a website or a tutorial I can read somewhere to pick up on pointers and what not?
3) What software should I use to best work with the pictures I take?

Once I start, I'd love to get some critiques on my shots.

Thanks guys. :)

DMAC EDIT: This is question thread material.

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