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    Father Christmass

    Ol' Saint Thicc

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    tynic wrote: »
    Calica wrote: »
    The cynical part of me thinks your office wouldn't bat an eye if it were a female figure.

    Regardless, it's beautiful!

    oh, my boss is female.
    This was stapled on the wall for a good three months. A nude female figure would have been instant grounds for a disciplinary 'chat', I suspect.

    I guess I was thinking artistically draped female figures are a staple of art nouveau and not particularly sexualized... but yeah, maybe that wouldn't fly in a work environment either.

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    The GOP cares about babies until they're born, soldiers until they're in need of care, and families until they interfere with stockholder dividends.
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    More figure drawing, 2 min, 5 min and 20 min poses. Also I Made some prints this summer, which I should post...


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    Couple from tonight


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