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Games and Technology: AWESOME POST in "[BATMAN] Arkham, and the Asylums and Cities Therein&quot

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Totally doing this to my kid.
Post: [BATMAN] Arkham, and the Asylums and Cities Therein
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Posted by: darleysam
Original Content:
subedii wrote: »
darleysam wrote: »
Drake wrote: »
I just beat the story last night, myself.

I still can't believe how good this game is and I await Arkham City with barely constrained joy.

My four year old son watched me play through the endgame, from the showdown with Ivy to the end. As Batman fought, my boy (wonder) fought too, with proper sound effects and the occasional proclamation of, "I'm Batman!" I'm sooo proud!

Right up until he gets you killed.

Yeah I'd hold off on telling him Bruce Wayne's backstory for a few years, just in case.

"Well son, one day, Bruce Wayne was bringing his father a beer from the fridge and, well, he became Batman."

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