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Let's Play Quest for Glory. Thanks to Piotyr for keeping this going!



  • PiotyrPiotyr Registered User regular
    Piotyr wrote: »
    Now, since QFG5 has so many throwbacks to the previous games, before I go forward, I'm going to go back and make sure all my images for all the sets are correct and loading. I'm not sure how long that'll take, or if I'll get mind-numbingly bored in the process, but that's the plan right now.

    I've now got all of QFG4 fixed. Which is a good third of everything.

  • PiotyrPiotyr Registered User regular
    Brief update on this: All counted there were about 9000 references to imageshack among all my images when I started fixing them. So far this week, I've trimmed that down to just over 1800 (doing all of QFG4 and all the character portraits and magic icons). The rest won't go as quickly, but I have a base of images to start from on QFG5 soon.

    In the meantime, the intro video for QFG5:

  • RucioRucio Registered User
    Awesome! Can't wait!

  • PiotyrPiotyr Registered User regular
    In honor of @Syphyre 's new arrival, it's time to move on to the next generation of QFG!

  • PiotyrPiotyr Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Magic User 67 - Now In 3D!

    F7bDD.png Did I hear something about dragons? Kings? Where am I being summoned this time?


    ifTzk.png Certainly looks like dragons are involved. And it even looks like I filled out a little bit. So, let's do some quick training!


    ifTzk.png What?! I can't train more luck? That's bullshit! I can't train anything useful. Ah well, let's just pump up some garbage stats like vitality, strength and agility, I suppose.


    ifTzk.png There. Happy now, game? So, who was it that summoned me to...wherever it was that I was summoned to?


    ifTzk.png Oh, right. You. Your place looks a little different than last time.


    ifTzk.png Mostly, we're all floating, but hey, we're wizards, so fuck physics, am I right? So, what did you screw up this time?


    ifTzk.png Silmaria, is it? That's right. Ok, what did you screw up in Silmaria?

    Sa5Nf.png The former king was assassinated a short while back. We have no idea why this was done, or even, who did it. Thus you were summoned.

    ifTzk.png Something to do, I suppose.

    To Do:
    - Figure out who assassinated the King of Silmaria, and why

    Sa5Nf.png Silmaria needs a new king, and thus the Rite of Rulership is about to begin. This Rite will determine the next ruler for the kingdom. We would like you to enter the Rite of Rulership. It is the most likely way to find the villain behind the nefarious deeds going on in Silmaria.

    ifTzk.png So...I'm a plant? What's in it for me?

    Sa5Nf.png If you choose to accept this mission, you will need to go to the Hall of Kings to speak with Logos, the centaur who is in charge of Silmaria right now. You will enjoy Silmaria! I am certain you will meet some old friends and make new ones. This is an interesting city, and these are interesting times.

    ifTzk.png Personal amusement? That's my net gain? Eh, I've done more for less.

    To Do:
    - Figure out who assassinated the King of Silmaria, and why
    - Talk to Logos to enter the Rite of Rulership for shits and giggles

    Sa5Nf.png I've arranged for you to stay at the most amusing inn in Silmaria. Would you like to go there now, or are you ready to head into danger?

    ifTzk.png I just dealt with a shitstorm of danger, so I'm up for basic amusement so far. When do I leave?


    ifTzk.png Now, then. I hope your damned teleports didn't fuck anything up. What am I carrying anyway?


    ifTzk.png Hey, you turned my money into drachmas, and somehow my garlic and avocado sandwiches became fruit. I also ended up with a tinderbox that I have no need for, because, hey, wizard. Ah well, so much for all the other cool shit I collected in Mordavia.

    So, anyway, where am I now?


    ifTzk.png I certainly hope all that teleporting didn't fuck up my magical arsenal.

    QmyYo.png Aura: 400
    f7YlA.png Calm: 400
    37RQq.png Dazzle: 400
    aBoBC.png Detect Magic: 400
    BLR2x.png Fetch: 400
    dHICT.png Flame Dart: 400
    ybSe1.png Force Bolt: 400
    AZ0Bs.png Frost Bite: 400
    ZcypG.png Hide: 400
    T56zx.png Juggling Lights: 400
    ADpSd.png Lightning Ball: 400
    La9Ac.png Open: 400
    pSVGs.png Protection: 400
    WXjQN.png Resistance: 400
    IPZMH.png Reversal: 400
    nRYML.png Trigger: 400
    HfDWX.png Zap: 400
    azTp0.png Levitate: 270

    ifTzk.png I don't remember training up all the spells, but fuck yeah! But something seems to be missing...wait! No Glide! Fuck! Guess I just traded my ability to hover over water for mastery of practically everything else. Ah well, maybe this place doesn't have a lot of water.

    Plus, Erana must have taken her staff with her to the afterlife, because I can't summon it anymore. Maybe I can find yet another one.

    Time to explore!


    ifTzk.png This arena-looking place looks worth a glance. Let's see if it's open for business, because now I'm anxious to try out my improved magical mastery.


    ifTzk.png Hello? Anyone home? Wait a second, you look a little familiar...


    ifTzk.png Oh, right, Ferrari! The guy that spiked my drink and nearly had me killed several times. You look...


    ifTzk.png ...almost exactly the same, actually! So, what kind of racket are you running here?

    Y0hbE.png You may come each evening to witness these displays of man's most brutal nature. It costs but five drachmas to observe the spectacle of combat.

    ifTzk.png I don't know...observing isn't really my thing...

    Y0hbE.png If you wish to do more than just observe, you may bet upon the outcome of such battles at the Dead Parrot Inn. However, I observe you are a man of action. Perhaps you would like to participate? There is a prize purse worth winning.

    ifTzk.png The Dead Parrot Inn has a Silmaria branch now? Business must have picked up a lot after I saved the whole town, huh? I'll seriously consider participating, once I scout the rest of the area to see if anybody around here is a decent fighter.

    Y0hbE.png I am hoping to see you compete in this. It will be a pleasure to witness your skills in action.

    ifTzk.png You know me too well, apparently.

    Y0hbE.png You may enter the competition at the betting board in the Dead Parrot, as well as place your bets.

    ifTzk.png I'll keep that in mind.

    To Do:
    - Enter the arena to beat fighters senseless

    ifTzk.png Now as for your friend over there...why does he look familiar...?


    ifTzk.png The face doesn't ring a bell, name either...and yet I can't shake the feeling...


    ifTzk.png Oh right! Hey, no hard feelings, right? I mean, I stopped the world from ending, and you have a snappy job here, doing...?

    pZY6G.png I be Abdum. This place to fight, or watch fight. Read board. Board tell fight. Go.

    ifTzk.png Maybe that Force Bolt hit you a touch hard. Board, you say? I'll hit it on my way out, thanks.


    ifTzk.png Kokeeno and Abduel? Never heard of them. I'll keep an eye out for them in town, I suppose, gauge what the level of fighter is around these parts.


    ifTzk.png Let's go check out the next building, then.


    ifTzk.png Damn, and knocking politely had worked so well and so fucking often. Maybe I'll try the back door.


    ifTzk.png Fine, fuck knocking, then. Open!


    ifTzk.png Well, that's embarrassing. Even at prior max skill, it's not enough to open a simple door. Well, I'll just keep exploring, then.


    ifTzk.png Hey, that gate is already open. That looks like a winner. Guard, what is that building?


    ifTzk.png Okay...other guard, what is that building?


    ifTzk.png See? That wasn't so hard, was it, first guard? Certainly worth checking out.


    ifTzk.png Now this is fancy.


    ifTzk.png Logos? Why does that name ring a bell?

    To Do:
    - Talk to Logos to enter the Rite of Rulership

    ifTzk.png Ahh, jackpot! You say you heard of me from Erasmus and Rakeesh? Is that Rakeesh?


    ifTzk.png Man, I guess it has been a while. When was the last time I saw you?


    ifTzk.png Oh right. Thanks for having my back there. But you certainly went white in a hurry. Must have been really making heavy use of Just For Liontaurs back in Tarna.

    iohDR.png I trust you understand why you were summoned here. The Rites of Rulership need one more entrant before it can begin. All of the competitors are worthy individuals. However, I suspect that these Rites will be more dangerous than they are intended.

    ifTzk.png I'm sure they will, if I get involved.

    iohDR.png We believe that the one or ones who assassinated the King of Silmaria will attempt to make certain the contestant they support will win. You must understand that your life will be in grave danger from the moment you enter the Rite of Rulership. We will be doing everything we can to stop the assassin, but you need to be wary.

    ifTzk.png You may not be aware of this, but I am Jim fucking Darkmagic. Master Wizard, Hero of Spielburg, Prince of SHapeir, Doom of Tarna, and Light of Mordavia. I'm in grave danger all the fucking time.

    iohDR.png Hero of the lands of Shapeir, Tarna, and Mordavia, will you enter the Rites of Rulership?

    ifTzk.png Before I answer for sure, what are the Rites of Rulership?

    iohDR.png The Rites of Rulership is a series of quests that will aid Silmaria. Five individuals will compete to complete these quests. The one who accomplishes the most will be judged worthy to become King.

    ifTzk.png So King of Silmaria is on the table if I win? Then I'm all in on this Rite business.

    iohDR.png To enter these Rites, you must first contribute 1,000 drachmas to the Rulership fund. This can be done at the Bank of Silmaria.

    ifTzk.png I'm not sure if you know this, but I had my bank account vanish twice in my adventures so far. Otherwise, I'd be glad to pay...1000?! Holy shit, though, I'll have to see if I can find a financial backer, so I can defeat them and take their money.

    zZXbF.png Your father, the Sultan of Shapeir, was informed of this by myself and my wife, and has contributed 300 drachmas toward your entrance in the Rites. Erasmus and I have each deposited another 100 drachmas.

    ifTzk.png So...I'm halfway there? Well, time to start asking around for donations to the Make Jim a King Foundation.

    To Do:
    - Talk to Logos to enter the Rite of Rulership
    - Find another 500 drachmas to enter the Rite of Rulership

    ifTzk.png So, what do we know about this assassin, anyway?

    iohDR.png The assassin used a poisoned dagger to kill our King. The poison is very deadly, and unknown to our healers. A merchant was also presumed to be killed by the assassin, for his body was found by the docks and he died from the same poison.

    To Do:
    - Check out docks for info on assassin...poisoned daggers?

    ifTzk.png Deadly poisoned daggers...why does that ring a bell...ah well, it'll come to me eventually. So, what is Silmaria, anyway?

    iohDR.png Our kingdom of Silmaria consists of the isle of Marete and the outlying islands in the center of the Med Sea. The city of Silmaria was built upon the prime port of this island, and is a thriving center of trade for the world.

    ifTzk.png An island, you say? If only I had a way to glide across the water...Erasmus!

    Ah well, I guess I'll have to find another 500 drachmas, because this King business is far too tempting for me.

    iohDR.png We will be pleased and proud to have such a worthy Hero contesting to become our leader.

    ifTzk.png Well, time to do some money making!


    ifTzk.png Now, where might I be able to find some quick cash?


    ifTzk.png What's this, now?


    ifTzk.png Quest board! I missed having one of these!

    The Rites of Rulership shall begin when five or more contestants have entered.

    ifTzk.png long as nobody else enters, I can milk this for a while, since the Rites won't start until I enter. Good to know.

    The fishing villages of Marere have been deserted by the fishermen. Fishing boats have been attacked by Herparian Mercenaries, and the fishermen feared their villages would be attacked next.

    Honeybees have also been deserting their hives. This is considered by many to be a very bad omen.

    ifTzk.png NO, NOT THE BEES!

    If you have courage, moral strength, and leadership skills, you may have what Silmaria needs in a King. Enter the Rites of Rulership for 1,000 drachmas and compete to prove your worth as the next leader of Silmaria.

    ifTzk.png Courage, moral strength, leadership skills, and 1,000 drachmas. Don't forget those, since that's the only actual limiting factor!

    The Kingdom of Silmaria is still shocked and in mourning for the assassination of our beloved king, Justinian. May he rest peacefully in the Elysian Fields of Hades.

    ifTzk.png Long live future king Jim Darkmagic!


    ifTzk.png Now, let's see what's down these stairs...


    ifTzk.png Ooh, a market! Hey, villager, have you ever heard of the great wizard, Jim Darkmagic?


    ifTzk.png ...right. No reason to ever talk to these townsfolk again. When I become king, they'll just have to learn a real language.

    Now if I'm not mistaken, isn't that...


    ifTzk.png I can't tell the fucking difference! Hey, Katta, do I know you?


    ifTzk.png I...don't think I do know you. Who are you?

    TBB0g.png I am Sarra, a Katta merchant of jewelry and gifts. How may I aid you on your journey?

    ifTzk.png If you're not giving away money, I'm not sure there's much you can do for me at this point. Have you ever been to Shapeir? Because if so, I'm the Prince there.

    TBB0g.png So you are the Prince of Shapeir? You are a great hero of our homeland. I am most honored to speak with you, Katta-Friend.

    ifTzk.png Honored enough to give me drachmas to enter the Rites? No? Ah well, guess I'll just go check out the bank and see what the deal is there.


    ifTzk.png I don't know, are you honored enough to leave your money with me? Because I need kind of a lot.

    gZOCA.png Oh, it's you. I was told you were coming. Your friends set up a savings account in your name. Hefty sum of 500 drachmas. You've got some generous friends, let me tell you.

    ifTzk.png What kind of interest am I getting here? Because if it's not high enough, I can introduce you to my friends Flame, Force, Frost and Lightning, who are very persuasive, and could re-negotiate a better deal.

    gZOCA.png The First Bank of Silmaria will keep your money safe and secure. Drachmas can get heavy when you carry too much of it, and you make yourself a target for every cut-purse around.

    ifTzk.png That doesn't sound like a good enough deal...

    gZOCA.png Usually people have friends and relatives help raise that much cash. We have one fund which gets contributions from all the guards in Silmaria. It takes a lot of money to enter the Rite of Rulership, but it is a great honor to compete to become King.

    ifTzk.png Ahh, I get it. The entry fee is a weeder to include only those who are well-liked. Or insanely rich. Fortunately, I can usually be one of those.

    gZOCA.png That lion guy said that he and Erasmus the Wizard were starting the savings account for you. They wanted you to enter the Rite of Rulership. Man, you have strange taste in friends, but they sure make good ones.

    ifTzk.png And who do you think you are, Mr. Banker?

    gZOCA.png I'm Sam, Sam the banker man. I own and run this bank.

    ifTzk.png Sam, is it? Anybody in the area that could help a wizard out?

    gZOCA.png Silmaria is a great place to settle down and save a little for the future. Too many people forget how important a savings account can be, particularly adventurers.

    ifTzk.png Maybe some lesser hero, perhaps. Me, though? I'm Jim Darkmagic. I saved Spielburg from brigands, Shapeir from destruction, Tarna from demons, and Mordavia from vampires. I can handle myself.

    gZOCA.png I thought you looked familiar. Yeah, we met in Spielburg where I was working the alley as a professional panhandler.

    ifTzk.png Wait a second...


    ifTzk.png ...You...


    ifTzk.png ...mother...


    ifTzk.png ...fucker! I'm going to need some time to calm down and avoid murder on my first day in Silmaria. You'd better hope I'm in a better mood when the next set rolls around...

    Piotyr on
  • NocrenNocren Lt Futz, Back in Action North CarolinaRegistered User regular
    Yay! Jim's back baby!
    And his arms, and all his wonderful spells. Can't wait till he meets FA and Julinnar (and her husband).

  • ShimshaiShimshai Feeling flushed Registered User regular
    Is Rakeesh a lion in sheep's clothing? Because that's what it looks like.

    Great to see the return of the legend!

    This is dark magic!
    Jim Darkmagic.


    Steam/Origin: Shimshai

  • NightslyrNightslyr Registered User regular
    YAY! So happy this is back!

    PA/PSN/XBL/Nintendo/Origin/Steam names are the same. 3DS Friend Code: 1607-1682-2948
    Stack Exchange | | Q'vehn Tia (FF XIV)
  • SyphyreSyphyre A Dangerous Pastime Registered User regular
    Piotyr wrote: »
    In honor of @Syphyre 's new arrival, it's time to move on to the next generation of QFG!

    Aww I appreciate! You rock for keeping this LP going. It's been damn good too.

    Steam ID - Syphyreal --- 3DS Friend Code: 2723-9387-1002
  • NocrenNocren Lt Futz, Back in Action North CarolinaRegistered User regular
    Shimshai wrote: »
    Is Rakeesh a lion in sheep's clothing? Because that's what it looks like.

    Great to see the return of the legend!

    This is dark magic!
    Jim Darkmagic.


    Early 3d modeling. Rakeesh looks Lambert (the sheepish lion) and Fenrir looks like a seal.

  • Target PracticeTarget Practice Registered User
    God, I forgot how awful QFG5 looked. And it's not even that it hasn't aged well; it didn't look good when it was NEW.

  • HammerlockHammerlock Registered User
    It hasn't aged well, but remember it came out in the 90s when the average resolution was 800x600. At the time the graphics were pretty good--not cutting edge, but certainly nothing to sneeze at either.

  • NightslyrNightslyr Registered User regular
    I can't help but wonder if this series will be Kickstarted. Seems like the cool thing for former Sierra devs to do.

    PA/PSN/XBL/Nintendo/Origin/Steam names are the same. 3DS Friend Code: 1607-1682-2948
    Stack Exchange | | Q'vehn Tia (FF XIV)
  • HammerlockHammerlock Registered User
    Yeah, I know!

    For those under a rock: LSL is getting kickstarted for a full refresh; their license allows them to remake all existing games in the series. The SQ team is also doing...something, even if not directly SQ (they may go the system shock-->bioshock "spiritual successor" route). The GK team is doing something similar as well.

    The LSL team has mentioned wrangling updates for the other properties if they get a groove going. Of course, we'll see, but if they're successful enough for whichever company holds all the sierra IP, it's certainly possible.

    That said, it's unlikely QfG will get the retreatment...maybe they've changed their minds over the last 1.5 decades, but when QfG5 came out the Coles said it was the final capstone for the series, and they were grateful to be able to provide closure for it.

  • DisruptedCapitalistDisruptedCapitalist Registered User regular
    Didn't LSL already have a refresh that turned out to be a total flop?

  • HammerlockHammerlock Registered User
    That was done by another studio. The original creators disavow anything to do with "Larry Lovage" and consider it to be a creative abortion.

  • DisruptedCapitalistDisruptedCapitalist Registered User regular
    Well that's good to know.

  • Target PracticeTarget Practice Registered User
    The Coles have been trying to get the QFG license away from Sierra for years without any luck.

  • MarsMars Registered User regular
    I wouldn't mind another endeavor by the Coles, but QfG was always planned to end in Silmaria. Part of what makes the games work so well is that it follows the path of the classical hero from beginning to end. I don't think they could revive the license without it feeling tacked on and unnecessary.

  • NocrenNocren Lt Futz, Back in Action North CarolinaRegistered User regular
    Same here. I mean, everything that's been mentioned in the previous games is kinda tied up in 5 plus at the end, you're pretty much done.

  • RucioRucio Registered User
    edited April 2012
    I don't see why we couldn't have a new hero, in the same world.

    I mean there's a whole hero academy spitting out people. And today more than ever it would be easy to have choices and things from previous games carry over.

    Part of what I think makes this series as a whole great is the charm, and I think charm i lacking in most other fantasy endeavors lately. I would think that gaming could benefit from more QFG type games.

    Rucio on
  • RainbowDespairRainbowDespair Registered User regular
    I've never played the 5th game before and wow, I had no idea it looked so hideous.

    And yes, I'd love a new Quest for Glory series.

  • PiotyrPiotyr Registered User regular
    It's funny really, all the little details (and effects) actually look great, but everything else looks terrible.

    Although, maybe it just looks great in comparison to everything else.

    And sorry for making anyone think I had made the next set. I'm working on it now, though.

  • SpoitSpoit *twitch twitch* Registered User regular
    Really, I'd just settle for it being able to be buyable from somewhere

  • PiotyrPiotyr Registered User regular
    I'm also going to leave my avatar as the Mordavia version of the wizard, because I haven't found a way to make a QFG 5 hero image look not terrible.

  • NocrenNocren Lt Futz, Back in Action North CarolinaRegistered User regular
    Rucio wrote: »
    I don't see why we couldn't have a new hero, in the same world.

    I mean there's a whole hero academy spitting out people. And today more than ever it would be easy to have choices and things from previous games carry over.

    Part of what I think makes this series as a whole great is the charm, and I think charm i lacking in most other fantasy endeavors lately. I would think that gaming could benefit from more QFG type games.

    It wasn't really an academy, it was a correspondence school where you learned everything by mail. Spell casting, locking picking, sword fighting, all through mail.

    Though I do agree with you on all other points.

  • MarsMars Registered User regular
    Yeah, but if it's a whole new story and characters, they don't need the QfG license. A new adventure should make a new name for itself.

    Anyway, Piotyr's right about the visuals. The technical execution is rather lacking, but the design and effects still carry the charm and attention to detail of the series. I usually don't even notice the blockiness and blurriness after a while, because it's still got that je ne sais quois(did I spell that right? been years since I've used french)

    Except when someone starts dancing. Good god is that awkward.

  • JohnDoeJohnDoe Registered User
    Mars wrote: »
    I wouldn't mind another endeavor by the Coles, but QfG was always planned to end in Silmaria. Part of what makes the games work so well is that it follows the path of the classical hero from beginning to end. I don't think they could revive the license without it feeling tacked on and unnecessary.

    I agree, the series was supposed to end in Silmaria and thats what they did. What I'd want is a remake of QFG5 as a 2D adventure/RPG. Similar story, better voice acting, better gameplay. Somehow I doubt that will happen though :)

  • PiotyrPiotyr Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Supply and demand...

    Magic User 68 - The Economy of Magic


    ifTzk.png Okay, I've calmed down enough to not kill you or burn down the bank...for now. I just hope there are some more...helpful folks in this town.

    To Do:
    - Figure out who assassinated the King of Silmaria, and why
    -- Check out docks for info on assassin...poisoned daggers?
    - Enter the arena to beat fighters senseless, via Dead Parrot Inn
    - Find another 500 drachmas to enter the Rite of Rulership
    -- Become King
    -- Rites won't start without 5 entrants, so I'm holding it up until I enter

    ifTzk.png Well, time to go check out the rest of this place.


    ifTzk.png Let's go see what the east side of this bridge looks like.


    ifTzk.png I do believe this looks a little like a magic shop. First though, I should give some token attention to this fruit stand guy, since that other Katta mentioned him.


    ifTzk.png So...what brings you to a place like Silmaria?


    ifTzk.png Fortunately, my avocado and garlic sandwiches became fruit, so I'm all good on that front for now. What can you tell me about this city?

    g1KqS.png This city can be confusing to those new here. Silmaria has four plazas. This is the Town Center, and the place of Merchants. Above us is the plaza called "Nob Hill."

    There are two paths that lead downward from this plaza. One will take you to the docks, the other to the westmost gates of the town.

    ifTzk.png Already been to Nob Hill, and plan to hit the docks later to investigate the assassin. What else is in the town center?

    g1KqS.png Here is where you may buy things of beauty from my lifemate, enjoy the music of my daughter, or find things of use from Wolfie, the artisan.

    ifTzk.png And from the..."non-Katta" crowd?

    g1KqS.png You might also save your money at the bank, find things of mysterious power at the shop of magic, or items to improve your health at the apothecary's shop.

    ifTzk.png See, now that is what some of us like to call useful information. Do you have any more useful information about, say, the docks?

    g1KqS.png At his shop beside the Docks, you will meet the Weaponer, Pholus. There is also an inn and tavern there. I have heard there is some sort of school located nearby, but I do not know for certain.

    ifTzk.png I wonder if the weaponer is a douche, just to keep up with the weaponer douche quotient going on in my life to this point.

    g1KqS.png Pholus is a centaur weaponsmith, and he makes a variety of weapons. He would be delighted to sell you something, I am certain.

    ifTzk.png Oh I'm sure, except I'm not really the weapon type, if you know what I mean. Ehh, fuck subtlety, I'm a wizard, otherwise known as a walking weapon. What's over on the west end, then?

    g1KqS.png At the west end of this city, you will find the Adventurer's Guild and Gnome Ann's Inn.

    ifTzk.png Gnome Ann's Inn, seriously? No matter where I go, I can't escape these blasted puns.

    g1KqS.png Ann is a very amusing person, and I believe that her inn would be a good place to spend one's nights.

    ifTzk.png No, it's not that, it's know what? Never mind. This way leads to madness. I've dealt with too many of your people to go berserk about it now.

    g1KqS.png Several years ago, my people were driven from our homeland and scattered with the winds by a most evil man who usurped the throne of Raseir from its rightful Emir.

    ifTzk.png Is that a fact? What ever happened to that place, if you don't mind me asking? I know, but I like it when other people talk about it.

    g1KqS.png I have heard word that my homeland has been freed by a Hero, and the land is now ruled by a wise and gracious woman. One day my family and I shall all return to the desert lands once more.

    ifTzk.png A woman?! Wait, what woman?

    g1KqS.png The new ruler of Raseir is the daughter of the old Emir. She proved herself to be resourceful and wise, and welcomes my people home. Her name is Zayishah.

    ifTzk.png Resourceful, you say? I remember...differently...


    ifTzk.png Yeah, I got a good look at some of her resources, if you catch my drift. Although you and subtlety don't seem to be on speaking terms, so I'll just spell it out. I am Jim Darkmagic, Prince of Shapeir, and I was the one that saved Raseir and murdered the usurprer Ad Avis (twice!)

    g1KqS.png So you are a friend of my people? It is an honor to meet such a Hero. You are already a part of Katta stories and history.

    ifTzk.png I just hope that's worth some kind of discount at Katta shops when I need them. Until then, though, I've got nothing more to offer for you. Maybe your daughter has some useful information?


    ifTzk.png That's no way to treat a cultural Hero! I'm your prince! Ah well, I'm far more interested in magic, anyway, and it looks like the only place for it here is the magic shop.


    ifTzk.png This is the first magic shop I've seen in three adventures. I wonder who runs this place...


    ifTzk.png ...hello? Anyone home? Any magic here?


    ifTzk.png Big place, not so many customers. Or employees, for that matter. Reminds me a bit of Zara, from way back when. You here, Zara?


    ifTzk.png Anyone? Bueller?


    ifTzk.png Oh, hey...Shakra? It's been a long time. So long, apparently, I've never heard you mentioned before. Kinda makes Rakeesh a bit of a hypocrite with his "Paladin this, paladin that" bullshit. You take after your mother, then?

    kKwcc.png I am a Wizard like yourself. I apprenticed with my mother, Kreesha, and the enchantress Aziza of Shapeir. I am specializing in object enchantment.

    ifTzk.png It seems odd that you went to all the same places I did, and yet I neither met you nor did anyone mention you existed. Does your species age in dog years? Because Rakeesh looks like he aged decades in a few months, too.

    kKwcc.png My mother thinks highly of your magical skills. With several years of devotion to the art, you could become one of the most powerful of Wizards.

    ifTzk.png Oh no you didn't! I've saved five fucking towns with my magical ability, and defeated countless wizards. I even stopped the fucking Dark One, Avoozl and freed Erana's soul. I am one of the most powerful of Wizards, there, youngster.

    kKwcc.png You freed Erana's soul from Avoozl? I grieve to learn that Erana is indeed dead, but I rejoice that her soul is at rest.

    ifTzk.png Anyway, you were saying about magical objects?

    kKwcc.png I make Mystic Magnets, and have made a Magical Charm Bracelet that enhances a Wizard's skills. I also create Mana Pills and Mana Potions.

    ifTzk.png Mystic Magnets, you say? Never heard of them.

    kKwcc.png The Mystic Magnets are a pair. You set one in a place of safety -- a bedroom, for example. You have only to use the other magnet upon yourself to teleport instantly back to the room with the other magnet. As you can tell, this can save your life when you are in danger.

    ifTzk.png A teleport spell?! Finally! Do you have any spells for sale as well, or are you just into toys?

    kKwcc.png What is a Shop of Magic without spells? However, you are an experienced Wizard, and I have only a few spells that you are unlikely to have learned elsewhere.

    ifTzk.png That's a few more than I picked up at the non-existent magic shop in the last two towns. Let's just see what you've got.


    ifTzk.png Three items, and just seven spells? Hell, I have 20 spells. Maybe I should open up a shop.

    kKwcc.png I sense the magic is strong within you. You are a very powerful Wizard now. If I can aid you in any way, please let me know.

    ifTzk.png Well, I do need to raise some additional money to enter this Rite of Rulership business. I'm sitting on 700 drachmas for now and need 1000 to enter the Rite. So, what spells of mine are you interested in?


    ifTzk.png Two? Well, in that case, I'd better make it worth my while. Let's start with...


    ifTzk.png How much are you interested in paying for this?


    ifTzk.png This is a fine spell. Learned it from the Dark Master herself. I'd estimate the value of this at about 400 drachmas.

    kKwcc.png I'm afraid your price is beyond my means. Perhaps you will accept 225?

    ifTzk.png Look, now I'm the only Wizard who knows this spell, since the Dark Master was consumed by the Dark One. It's got to be worth at least 300 to you, right?

    kKwcc.png I will accept no more than 234.

    ifTzk.png Ugh, fine. Let's look at our next piece of arcane lore...


    ifTzk.png This was a gift straight from the gypsies. They aren't a trusting sort, so good luck learning it from them. So, how about...300?

    kKwcc.png I am not wealthy, and I can only offer you 234 for the spell.

    ifTzk.png Seems rather an arbitrary number, but I guess that'll be okay, since it puts me over the 1000 drachma barrier. Now I can register for the Rite!

    To Do:
    - Find another 500 drachmas to Enter the Rite of Rulership
    -- Become King
    -- Rites won't start without 5 entrants, so I'm holding it up until I enter

    ifTzk.png Although...those Rites aren't going anywhere until I register anyway, and there is a lot of great stuff here...what did you have again?


    ifTzk.png Hmm...I like the look of...


    ifTzk.png Teleport's only right that I spend the money I earn on things that will help me in my quest, right? How much for them?

    kKwcc.png 100 drachmas.

    ifTzk.png 100? Come on, I need this cash to enter the Rites. How about...25?

    kKwcc.png A reasonable offer, but I would be more content if you were to agree to 86.

    ifTzk.png 86? I can probably get one of those at any magic shop. How about 50?

    kKwcc.png You are most reasonable. Perhaps we can agree on 73?

    ifTzk.png Good enough...for now.

    +5 Buy Mystic Magnets (5)

    ifTzk.png Next...


    ifTzk.png I'm normally not a weapon guy, but glowing weapons just look kind of badass. What can I get that dagger for?

    kKwcc.png 500 drachmas.

    ifTzk.png You're going to bleed me dry here. I can't blow all of my own money on this. I think 250 sounds more like a happy medium, since I want to spend zero and you want 500.

    kKwcc.png Perhaps you would consider offering 400. Surely it is worth more to you.

    ifTzk.png I was hoping for more like 300, since I'm going to be saving the world and all that again.

    kKwcc.png 365 is acceptable.

    ifTzk.png Fine, but now I've gone and blown all the money I made off your spells.

    ifTzk.png I do still need spells, though.


    ifTzk.png Handy spell, guaranteeing safe sleep overnight in the wilderness. It might be worth half of what I sold one of my spells for, so...117.

    kKwcc.png 146 is acceptable. We have a deal.

    +10 Buy the RIP spell (15)

    ifTzk.png Well, now I have less money than I did when I started, but...there was one more spell that looked interesting to me...


    kKwcc.png 500 drachmas.

    ifTzk.png As much as I like the idea of explosives, I can't let you bleed me dry here. Can we do better?

    kKwcc.png Offer me 365, and we will close the deal.

    ifTzk.png Ugh...I suppose.

    +10 Learn Boom Spell (25)

    ifTzk.png There's still one more spell I'm interested in there, but I really need to make some cash first. I'm sure Rakeesh and Erasmus will understand. Can't win the Rite of Rulership without the best magic available, right?

    To Do:
    - Enter the Rite of Rulership for 1000 drachmas
    -- Have: 219

    kKwcc.png The magic that you really need more than new spells is to make yourself a new magical Staff. I will be happy to aid you in this, but first you must find some magical wood.

    ifTzk.png Again? Staves and I haven't gotten along very well. I blew up my first one and sent the second one to the afterlife.

    kKwcc.png No Wizard should be without one. A magical Staff is an important tool for spellcasting.

    ifTzk.png You specialize in magical trinkets. Can't you start some kind of wood sale? Or have your mother teleport some in from Tarna?

    kKwcc.png I do not know where you can find such a wonder as magical wood around here. I made my Staff from the same wood as you did when you made your first Staff. I, too, went to the Heart of the World in Tarna. However, I am certain you will know magical wood when you find it.

    ifTzk.png Well, I'll keep an eye out, then.

    To Do:
    - Find magical wood....again


    ifTzk.png Off to explore, and hopefully make back some cash.


    ifTzk.png Do you have any cash, Katta person? You've been out here all day...


    ifTzk.png How about you, sir? Care to invest in your next king?


    ifTzk.png I vow to fix the language. That is my first decree. Ah well, next building?


    ifTzk.png What's this, now?


    ifTzk.png Hey, you look kind of familiar...


    ifTzk.png Salim, the last time I saw you...


    ifTzk.png ...wait, Julanar, wasn't that the tree...?


    ifTzk.png I'll say, you looked a lot more...


    ifTzk.png ...wooden. Hope you didn't mind me grabbing your, uhh, low-hanging fruit.

    IDux3.png Oh, that's right. Julanar was a tree when you last saw her, wasn't she? Well, it's good to see you again.

    msarI.png It is a great pleasure to see you. You have been most kind to me. If you are ever injured, I will be honored to heal you.

    ifTzk.png If only you could come with me. Beats buying healing potions, am I right? Oh...yeah, this is an how did you get Julanar here, anyway?

    IDux3.png I left Tarna and went all the way to Shapeir by boat. I found Julanar all alone in the desert just like you told me. Her leaves really perked up with my kind words. Then I awoke one night, and the tree was gone. There sat the girl of my dreams in her place. I was totally thrilled, even if I did kind of miss the tree. We've been together ever since.

    ifTzk.png Did you just imply you preferred the tree? Oh, Julanar, this guy is a real winner...anyway, what you selling here?


    ifTzk.png Pills and potions, eh? Well, I suppose a poison cure pill and a healing pill can come in handy out in the wilderness...but I'm only paying half your asking price.

    IDux3.png Sure, that'll work. You've got a deal.

    +5 Buy Healing Pill (30)
    +5 Buy Poison Cure Pill (35)

    ifTzk.png I suppose you're not all crazy bad, Salim. What about this fireproof potion?


    ifTzk.png Scales of a dragon? That's a pricy ingredient. I'll keep an eye out, I suppose.

    To Do:
    - Look for scales of a dragon for fireproof potion

    ifTzk.png How about that vitality potion, then?


    ifTzk.png needy...

    To Do:
    - Look for Pegasus feathers for vitality potion

    ifTzk.png Well, I've made 500 drachmas, and then spent at least I've found plenty of things to do to earn some cash for next time.


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  • ElvenshaeElvenshae Registered User regular
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    Are you doing voices for this one, Piotyr? :D I need to know before I read the first set.

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  • PiotyrPiotyr Registered User regular
    Nah, not going to do the voices this time. Too messy, and the VA isn't nearly as good.

  • ArcSynArcSyn Registered User regular
    Shouldn't you be saving money? :D

    Fun to see all the previous people come back in this one!

  • PiotyrPiotyr Registered User regular
    The Sultan would have wanted Jim to have all the magic...

  • NocrenNocren Lt Futz, Back in Action North CarolinaRegistered User regular
    I can't wait for Jim's reaction to meeting FA.
    And then Jim's reaction when FA teaches him "Thermo Nuclear Blast".

  • PiotyrPiotyr Registered User regular
    Good news, everyone! GoG is releasing Quest for Glory, the whole series!

    Sorry I haven't posted a set the past 10 days or so, I've had a not-so-funny last couple weeks, and haven't been in the right mindset to make things funny.

  • NocrenNocren Lt Futz, Back in Action North CarolinaRegistered User regular
    Yeah, tempted to add them to my shelf.

    Especially at $10.

    That's like $2 a game!

  • DisruptedCapitalistDisruptedCapitalist Registered User regular
    The top comment from GoG says:

    "Especially the fun of Quest for Glory 3 and 4 were amazing."

    What? 3??? No mention of 2?

  • NocrenNocren Lt Futz, Back in Action North CarolinaRegistered User regular
    Remember, they don't have the VGA fan remake. It's ega, text input, old school.

  • PiotyrPiotyr Registered User regular
    Nocren wrote: »
    Remember, they don't have the VGA fan remake. It's ega, text input, old school.

    And still awesome.

  • PiotyrPiotyr Registered User regular
    My favorite comment was the guy who said he played 5 and liked it, but didn't get a chance to play the previous games. He's been missing out.

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