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Cookie Brigade, PAX Prime 2011 - Post-PAX Brigadier Questionairre Ready!



  • emimonsteremimonster Silicon ValleyRegistered User regular
    This was my first year with CookieBrigade, and I just want to say how impressed I am with the amazingness of the dedicated seasoned brigadiers who go above and beyond to spend their PAX weekend devoted to this. LexiconGrrl, thanks for showing me how to pack at your place and being so welcoming and helpful! VT, there are no words, really, for all you do, your welcoming and friendly personality, your graciousness. Jessica, good God, girl, you're a legend at distribution. And everyone else I don't have space to say by name, you far outdid yourselves!
    Also, I was very thankful for those seasoned enforcers that help you out when you show up to a queue, really making the message get out there and the cookies go faster.

  • aerynkellyaerynkelly nothing to see here, move along Registered User regular
    edited August 2011
    jonxp wrote:
    Guys, congratulations on an incredible PAX. You did an amazing job, and I wish I could have helped out more than I did, but hey, at least I got to escort y'all through BYOC. :D

    Since it looks like the number wasn't announced in the thread yet, I'll let someone official do that, but it's mind blowing what you guys accomplished. A serious congratulations to all of you.

    I think VT and Callista are en route back from PAX - I'll let VT announce what the number was, but if any of you were following on Twitter you've seen it already - amazing job! We really have our work cut out for us at East next year.

    Edit: LexiconGrrl announced the amount here

    aerynkelly on
  • VThornheartVThornheart Registered User regular
    Attention Brigadiers: if you were Baking or Distributing at PAX Prime 2011, we'd love for you to fill out our after-PAX Survey:

    This survey helps us improve our internal organization and processes! Thanks Brigadiers, and I look forward to seeing you at PAX East!

    3DS Friend Code: 1950-8938-9095
  • KanaKana Registered User regular
    Not sure where else to post this - I applied on the brigade website, but am still waiting to be OK'd for the forums access. My name on the site is Gabriel, and it's linked to my forum name here.


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  • LexiconGrrlLexiconGrrl Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    Also, I've got a few extra CP pins for any of the bakers or distributors who didn't make the Sunday meetup with Jamie and Kristin. PM me if you were involved with the Brigade at Prime and missed that meetup to get it!

    LexiconGrrl on
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  • ransimransim Registered User regular
    Is it time for east yet?

  • KatarineKatarine Registered User
    Hello everyone. I'm kind of just posting to be around. I wanted to help out with the Cookie Brigade next year! I don't really have any other significant information to report, though.

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