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New to comics, need help

ScottR1329ScottR1329 Registered User new member
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I've been reading comics over the past few months, not nearly as much as i would like, but being new to it I often feel like I'm watching TV for the first time. I have been reading The Walking Dead, Locke and Key, Crossed, Planetary, Scott pilgrim, and a few other books.

After reading Blackest Night I've wanted to start reading ore superhero comics but I always feel like there is al ot of backstory that I'm not getting. I always thought i knew alot about batman because I watched all the cartoons and movies, but after reading R.I.P I realized i didn't know as much as i would like. I have a slight OCD issue with stuff like this, I can't stand reading or watching something and not knowing the backstory, and it frustrates me to the point where I don't enjoy it unless i can fully comprehend the entire plot and all its details.

On top of that I just don't know whats good. Since I can't afford many books I want to try to avoid buying any that aren't going to be so good. When i first started comics reading owner of the shop I gamed at would give me recommendations and since his store closed I haven't had much of an incentive or direction to go in but I really want to read more.

As far as interests, I really want to read more in the DC universe, preferably something darker, but I'm open to just about anything but superman.

Thank you for any advice and i apologize in advance for my noobieness.

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  • FencingsaxFencingsax It is difficult to get a man to understand, when his salary depends upon his not understanding GNU Terry PratchettRegistered User regular
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    Not to be snarky, but the very top topic is about this very thing. It has a sticky and literally says "Help me I'm new to comics".

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  • ScottR1329ScottR1329 Registered User new member
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    I'm so sorry, I didn't even notice tat up there, and i had been on this page a few times. Lol.o_O

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  • HeadhunterHeadhunter Registered User regular
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    Definitely check out Kingdom Come, I think it'll be right up your alley. Epic and exciting and a fascinating exploration of a possible future for the DC Universe, it's one of the best superhero novel tales ever written.

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  • KVWKVW Registered User regular
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    RIP is not reader friendly for the people that were following the books at the time NOR those that had been reading Batman for like 20 years. I wouldnt feel bad about not getting half the references Morrison was throwing around. His Batman & Robin was much easier to get into/follow/jump into though, even when it picked up threads from RIP (which you dont even really need to have read to understand his B&R).

    As for recommendations, I'd go with some of the stories that have finished from the past few years as trades (cheaper, complete, etc). For example, you could probably pick up the Sinestro Corps War from Green Lantern very easily. There's *some* backstory you might need to know, like yellow impurities, Parallax/Hal Jordan former badguy, etc, but for the most part, I think it stands well on its own and you shouldnt need to own the entire run, Rebirth or anything earlier than that.

    It's hard to say what others will like though. List some things you've read and some characters you'd be interested in (assumign Batman since you tried RIP already). Morrison's Batman & Son is a good arc. Not sure how many issues the trade collects, but shortly after, he does an arc on the League of Batmen that many believe to be one of his best arcs on Batman. I wasnt a fan of much of his other Batman work from Return of Ras to RIP, but the switch to Batman & Robin was top notch and like a fresh start (Dick Grayson takes over as Batman for this book. all you need to know is Batman "died" in Final Crisis, which is by no means required reading). You can follow the entire Batman & Robin series up until Return of Bruce Wayne and switch over to Batman Inc (Morrison's new title).

    On Superman side of things, I havent been a fan of it, but did enjoy Geoff Johns brief run, particularly his Brainiac arc. Current Superman is a huge turn off for me with this walking/Grounded arc.

    There are other, smaller titles that have been great, too. Red Robin (former Robin, Tim Drake became Red Robin after Bruce died and started fresh in this title) has been excellent from its onset. Good if you like Batman related books and stands mostly on its own (reflects things going on in Batman titles, but not really dictated by them or caught up in endless crossovers either).

    If you enjoy Green Lantern/try it out adn like it, I'd highly recommend grabbing Annihilation Book 1 and 3 from Marvel. Can get Book 2 if you want, but not necessary (just some varying quality lead in stories to the event, bulk of the story is set up in Book 1 and the actual event/story is Book 3). Both Marvel and DC's cosmic side have been highly regarded by fans and critics since Green Lantern relaunch/Annihlation, so you might love this is if you enjoyed Green Lantern. From there, you can follow Nova trades, then jump into Annihilation Conquest (the followup event) and a new ongoing, Guardians of the Galaxy launches out of that event if you want to follow it in trades. War of Kings follows and then the recent Thanos Imperative.

    There's countless smaller titles and older series you could pick up as well. Really tough to gauge what you may or may not like, so I'll just quit here with mostly recent recommendations.

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