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MAGFest Japan charity relief drive

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Hello, all! You may know MAGFest by either visiting the jamspace we run at PAX, or attending MAGFest itself. Life can't be all music and games, though, and it's time to get serious for a moment.

In light of the recent tragic events in Japan, MAGFest is doing all it can to raise funds for the relief efforts in Japan. We held an online streaming fundraiser at the beginning of this week and raised $900 during the three hour show! We also took the opportunity during the show to kick off some awesome week-long charity auctions, with some unique items including personalized artwork, VG remixes of the winner's choice from some of the top VG remixers, and a lot of great signed CDs and merch. Most of the auctions will wrap up sunday evening (March 27th), at which time we'll be holding ANOTHER online fundraiser show (starting at 7pm eastern) and announce the auction winners as the auctions finish. Full details on our auction items and how to tune into the online fundraiser are given here:

TUNE IN HERE starting at 7pm Eastern (4pm pacific) Sunday March 27th. You can chat in the ustream chat, or hop into our IRC room using this link.

Auction List (more to come!):
CDs and Merch -
OCRemix Prize Package
Signed copy of Pud's DuD's, Prince of Darkness's dwelling of duels compilation album
Super package from Stemage, the creator of METROID METAL
Signed copy of "Kwakfest" by Virt
Signed copy of Contra 4: Rocked'n'Loaded
Signed copy of the SUPER RARE Contra 4 original soundtrack
Signed copy of the brentalfloss's debut album

Personalized VG Remixes
Any video game remix from ANY game by George "Norg" Nowik
Any video game remix from ANY game by Tony "Prince Of Darkness" Dickinson
Any video game remix from ANY game by Andreas "Snappleman" Fetacheese
Any video game remix from ANY game by Jake "Virt" Kaufman
Any video game remix from ANY game by Grant "Stemage" Henry, the creator of METROID METAL
Any real song DEMIXED into a chiptune from Brendan "inversephase" Becker
Any song remixed OR demixed by Tansunn Kitsuki
A two minute pop song about YOU, by Josh Whelchel

Arts & Crafts
Two custom bead sprites by Mike "TV" Ridgaway located here and here and a special christmas set as well
Cake Is a Lie keychain gift set
Personalized sketch from Egoraptor
Personalized sketch from OneyNG
Personalized painting from Darmock Tanagra, Bassist of Armadillo Tank
Potted Mario Bead Sprite Plant Set
Custom Sculpture crafted by Nate “FoxxDragon” Horsfall
Personalized papercraft of anything you want by Cubeecraft

Epic Sega CD collector's bundle signed by the Angry Video Game Nerd and others
Tickets for the April 1st and April 2nd show of Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy in New York City
Sunny is a very nice kitty! This auction goes to benefit relief funds specifically meant to help animals following the Japan disasters.
Civilization 5 for PC, autographed by Sid Meier, creator of the Civilization Series

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