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What a world



  • FyndirFyndir Registered User regular
    edited March 2011
    Framling wrote: »
    Stop. Help.
    This is it dude.
    The burden of the whole world is on your shoulders.
    Do you have what it takes to save us?

    Oh god, too much pressure.

    That's it, never going outside again, going to be a hermit forever.

    Fyndir on
  • Houk the NamebringerHouk the Namebringer Nipples The EchidnaRegistered User regular
    edited March 2011
    Also, holy moly Muse, that is some make-me-feel-guilty levels of nice. I ain't deserving of sympathy on that level. I'm frequently a dick.

    I highly doubt you are dick enough to deserve that. You'd have to be tossing kittens off highway overpasses or something else equally horrendous before it can even be considered. And even so, it is still disturbing due to the homophobia that instigated it.

    Also move to a gayer part of LA.

    Also, you're in LA? I'm in LA. Crummy LA (the Valley . . .).

    I'm in the valley, too. North Hollywood, more specifically.

    There's quite a few forumers in and around the LA area, actually.

    And I haven't met any of them :x
    Other than tommy and swords, pretty much all of us are mid-20s and up (thinking of myself, lord dave, bogey, sarukun, busterk(?), pooro(?), among others). Just being in the same room as you would put us on so many police watch lists

    Oh and then there's fiz. Who nobody should want to meet.

    Houk the Namebringer on
  • Centipede DamascusCentipede Damascus Registered User regular
    edited March 2011
    I met Fiz once! He had a nice suit.

    Centipede Damascus on
  • PoorochondriacPoorochondriac Ah, man Ah, jeezRegistered User regular
    edited March 2011
    I've "met" Fiz

    If you know what I mean

    Poorochondriac on
  • JoeUserJoeUser Registered User regular
    edited March 2011
    That's actually not true. I'm gonna be too busy in the next few months before I move away

    Do we have any louisiana posters in SE++

    Me! Well I used to live there, at least.

    JoeUser on
    PSN: JoeUser80 Steam
  • OverOver ...laser cats? Registered User regular
    edited March 2011
    Just kind skipping past the second half of this thread to post this, so not sure if Pooro has said he was going to report it yet or not.

    Report it, even if you can only give a vague 4 guys in a silver sedan at this crosswalk description. The same guys may have been reported before, or if they do it again, the police will have a record of a previous incident.

    I'm saying this half from experience.

    Long version
    I ended up getting into a fight with a guy while walking my dog through heavily forested park (Rouge Valley area, for those who know Toronto). The guy was sitting next to his jeep with two pitbulls (off leash and no muzzles, which are required by law in Toronto), and I watched as another couple walked their dog in front of one of his dogs and the pitbull lashed out at it.

    This led to a brief confrontation between the couple and the owner of the pitbulls, who proceeded to swear and threaten the couple for letting their dog near his. Generally the kind of person who gives pitbulls a bad rap, because their behaviour is going to mirror this walking piece of shit. My girlfriend decided to speak up, which led to him directing his actions to her, calling her a bitch, telling her to fuck off. Which of course means now I'm stepping into this.

    This might not sound believable, but I truly maintained my cool, asked him to calm down and just enjoy the weather. His response was to threaten to kill me, ask if I'd like to watch my dog get killed, and then rush towards me. Brief fight, no major damage - I wasn't interested into getting into anything in the first place, but doubly so with a pitbull around.

    This all happened while the first couple watched and did nothing, even continuing their walk before returning for the end of the fight. A group of 4 sturdy lads in a car pulled up and... watched. Their only involvement was after everything was over; as I spit some blood onto the ground, the driver got out to ask if I was OK.

    "I'll be alright," I reply. "Much better after I call the police and report this idiot."

    His response: Woah man, I wouldn't do that, don't want to escalate this...

    I walked away from the guy, called the non-emergency line for the cops, collected my thoughts about what had happened, trying to remember everything, any descriptions, etc. All I told the responder over the phone was a basic description of the guy and tat he drove a blue jeep, and they already knew who I was talking about. Why? Because the sack of shit had several assault charges on his record already.

    Short version: I was attacked walking my dog while at least 6 people watched, was told not to call the cops to avoid further actions against me by a witness, and still called them (non-emergency). After just giving them a brief description over the phone of his appearance and vehicle (nothing beyond "blue jeep, recent model") they knew who I was talking about because the guy had been booked several times already for this same sort of behaviour.

    So yeah, as has already been said: you have nothing to lose in reporting it, and at the very least will give the police something to go on should it happen again. Your report may stop them from attacking someone else in the future, and if they got away with doing this sort of despicable shit to you, chances are they'll escalate it as they go.

    Over on
  • Viscount IslandsViscount Islands [INSERT SoKo HERE] Registered User regular
    edited March 2011
    Pooro you should probably change the thread title to What a world - I've reported it JESUS

    Viscount Islands on
    I want to do with you
    What spring does with the cherry trees.
  • DruhimDruhim Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited March 2011
    Yeah, short version I'm too lazy to actually read if he reported it but not too lazy to post my story about why you should report it.

    Druhim on
  • OverOver ...laser cats? Registered User regular
    edited March 2011
    or the forum keeps giving me a server too busy message everytime i try to read a page, so I just skipped ahead?

    i finished reading it after, albeit very slowly with all the server business.

    Over on
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