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Amp for a Mix Board?

TaterskinTaterskin Registered User regular
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I need help working out a hardware setup for DJ'ing a gig next month. I have borrowed an old mix board and some cd players. The place I'm djing (a coffeshop) has wall mounted speakers setup with two 1/4 inch inputs (jacks?) on the wall. The mix board does not have a built in amp, so I will probably have to buy one. Has anyone done a similar setup before? Any recommendations of type/brand of Amp I should buy? Output of the mix board is XLR.

I assume the setup should be like this: cd players -> mix board -> amp -> speakers (wall jack)

I'm trying to keep the setup relatively inexpensive. The location doesnt usually do this sort of thing, so it doesnt have much equipment.

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  • FantasmaFantasma Registered User regular
    edited March 2011
    A quick google search shows the following:

    If all of the above fails, you can alwasy use a car amplifier, but it won't look very professional:

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  • VortigernVortigern Registered User regular
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    Rent gear from a local pro audio/music store. For example, I live in Toronto, and I generally deal with Long & McQuade. The sell and rent everything you'd need, but they're Canadian only so unless you're also here you'll need to find your local equivalent. There's almost always a store in a decent sized town that does this.

    If you're planning to make a habit of this, then buying makes more sense.

    Yellow pages are your friend.

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