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    ronyaronya Arrrrrf. the ivory tower's basementRegistered User regular
    edited March 2011
    Loads fine for me. Navigation can be confusing, though, since the image display widgets appear on top of each other, with no indication that they are stacking.

    It may be better to use a widget that just displays one image at a time, in the highest resolution reasonable, and clicking outside the image dismisses the widget.

    Aside from that - again, no problem with load times for me - less than two seconds to load a single image, tops. But if it is really a concern for you, since there are so few images on the page, you can just preload the images as soon as the page finishes loading and use that to accelerate image display.

    Most people still use IE, especially corporate. I only used Firefox to test your site, though :P

    FAKE EDIT: on second look, I discovered that the thumbnails turn colored when you mouse-over them! That definitely calls for preloading, mouseover effects must be instantaneous. The two seconds it takes to load the colored thumbnail is far too long.

    Actually, why use the greyscale thumbnails, anyway? Surely the point is to notice your pretty, pretty art? :P

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    JacksWastedLifeJacksWastedLife Registered User regular
    edited April 2011
    2 seconds to load those thumbnails is very high. They biggest is under 270kb, that should be damn near instant on my connection. I think the biggest issue in terms of this pages performance is that it was made in Dreamweaver or Fireworks using the WYSIWYG tools. These are decent way to create a prototype site for showing mockups, but not a good way to build a real site that needs to be performant.

    I'm guessing you used one of those tools because your markup is a mess.

    You've got ~20 lines of CSS inside a style tag at the top of the document that is commented out. It's just wasted bandwidth.
    You've got multiple style tags in the header that have inline styles. Try consolidating them to shrink your pagesize. Or move them into an external CSS file that is minified.
    There are superfluous <p> tags with nothing but non-breaking spaces inside them. That is extra bandwidth that is unnecessary.
    You should also move all of your <script> tags to the bottom of the page. The page load is going to hang while that JS is executing.
    The javascript that is being used to handle the rollover states could be easily replaced with CSS rules to speed up performance.

    Something else you can do to test your site's performance would be to use yahoo's yslow plugin for Firefox. It'll grade your site across a dozen or so categories and give you specific information about your scores.

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    Golf153Golf153 Registered User regular
    edited April 2011
    For speed testing I would suggest both and Firefox Addon Firebug. At the same time, I would see if you could test from a few different locations, if you have a laptop go someplace with free wifi.

    You also need to look at your site in IE. Yes, people still use it. I only do for testing. But your header looks different in IE7 vs. FF3. I test in all major browsers, but that is just me.

    My other suggestion is to add Google Analytic code to your site. It will help you get a better understanding of what happens as the result of an email blast. Plus it gives you a better read on what browsers and Internet connections you are dealing with.

    Hope this helps...

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