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Need to get out of Lease in MN.

JeepersJeepers Registered User new member
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I moved in November of last year and I now need to break my lease. It is signed for a year. I know that when I moved in there was a waiting list to get in and being as this is a low income, I am assuming there is a waiting list yet. I know that when you call to ask for a place to rent that it says they are full. In my contract there is something about Section 42 and fulfilling 6 months occupancy. Is this for the housing credit ?

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    Skoal CatSkoal Cat Registered User regular
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    Breaking a lease is generally a difficult thing to do, it is a contract after all. The most common way to get out of one is to find an occupant who wants to move in, that way the landlord isn't out any expected income. Sometimes there are built in escape clauses, such as two months rent can terminate a lease. The Section 42 nonsense may have an effect here, but damned if I know what it is.

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    John MatrixJohn Matrix Registered User regular
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    Are you terminating because of personal reasons or because of something the landlord did/the condition of the property?

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    RaneadosRaneados police apologist you shouldn't have been there, obviouslyRegistered User regular
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    Usually there is a fee you can pay to break a lease early, it can be anything from one month's rent to an extreme amount of money, depending on where you're living and how quick they can fill it. Being that is is a low-income housing area, I'd guess that the fee is around 500-800 bucks

    call your apartment from a phone not associated with your account and ask them, do not give your name

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    JebusUDJebusUD Adventure! Candy IslandRegistered User regular
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    My understanding is that there are usually three ways a lease is got out of in MN.

    one: Find a Subleaser. This is just finding someone else to fill the appt for the rest of the duration of your lease. This is also something your landlord has to agree to. I dunno if this low income stuff affects that, it would ask your landlord or building manager.

    two: Pay an extra fee. This is something that your lease will say that will allow you to get out for some extra money. If your lease doesn't have a clause like that then it probably isn't going to happen, although you might be able to talk your landlord into it. Get it in writing.

    three: die. Suicide seems a bit extreme and faking your death too much work.

    option one is probably the only one that is going to happen.

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