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  • DruidsFlameDruidsFlame Registered User regular
    edited June 2011
    ryamkajr wrote: »
    Or you can do what I did.

    I work in downtown, a few blocks from the convention center. I have trained all the homeless and beggars to avoid me when I walk down the street. I give each of them two "tries" to beg from me, which I politely decline . Once they hit that mark regardless of how many days, on the third attempt I proceed to get in their face and scream holy f*cjk to them to leave me the hell alone. Works like a charm. I can walk through most of downtown and have them part my way like the Red Sea.

    While I am sympathetic to their condition (in concept) I have worked in downtown long enough to "know" most of them and know that no matter what they are not making any effort to try to change their situation. I have no respect or sympathy for them, as they have none for themselves.

    Well said! I do the same in my town 8-)

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  • 61Ranchero61Ranchero Registered User regular
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    My general opinion on scalpers is that they are a reaction to a fault in the ticketing process, i.e., the price isn't high enough in the first place, space is too limited (whether that's resolvable or not), the tickets need to be made non-transferable, etc. I don't think they really "block" people from going. As someone said, it took three weeks for the passes to sell out. I guess I'm one of those people that don't hate scalpers.

    As to transients, SLC is a driving city. So, you know, keep driving. When in Seattle, San Fran, etc., I just claim to have no actual money. Which is generally the truth. I only "get in someones face" if they get in mine which, so far, hasn't happened.

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