PAX Prime 2011 - Beginner's Guide to Seattle

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I didn't see anything save for long-distance travel tips and what you [need] should bring to PAX, so here's my glorious attempt at my second post here on the forums. PAX Prime 2011 will be my first "full", as my first experience was on Sunday of last year's convention. Now that i've purchased my three-day pass, i've decided to help out my friends, colleagues throughout the Halo community, and now others in navigating through Seattle and it's vast collection of awesomeness.

Feel free at any time to add information pertaining to transportation, lodging, dining, attractions, shopping, etc. Anything from simple links to detailed descriptions with reviews is appreciated.


Sound Transit - This service features three unique ways of navigating the urban sprawl of the Seattle metropolitan area with bus, rail, and light rail services. Personally using the "Sounder Train" option while going to Seahawks and Sounders FC games is definitely a neat option, especially for those that are desperately tired...or absurdly drunk.

King County Metro - An alternative to the above link, also featuring bus and light rail services.

Yellow Cab - Quick option if you want to get from one end of the town to the other in a hurry, or your just too tired to walk. According to some sources, it's hard to hail a taxi in the Emerald City. Cheap though.

Orange Cab - Same as above, just with a different shade of lame color.

If you have any suggestions for newcomers to Seattle, just post it here or shoot me a PM. I'll try to update this as much as I can. Thank you and I can't wait to see you all at PAX Prime 2011. Have a good one! :lol:

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    I've posted a couple of these links in the Foodening thread, but they're at least as useful here. Large shopping places around here tend to have both food and shopping, hence the double title.


    Westlake Center - Shopping mall, currently undergoing renovation, but still open. There're a souvenir store and a chocolate cafe...thing. There's also food here, and the $2 (cash only) monorail to the Seattle Center, which is where you can find the Space Needle, the Pacific Science Center, the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum, more shopping/food options, etc.

    Pacific Place - Shopping mall, more upscale but also has both a GameStop and a Barnes & Noble. Food and a movie theater are on the top level.

    Pike Place Market - Farmer's market, and one of the main Seattle tourist attractions. You can find good snack things like produce, dried fruit, and roast cashews here. There's also loads of Seattle souvenirs, fish (because people insist on seeing fish get thrown around, I guess), and small places serving delicious food to eat while walking back to PAX.

    Uwajimaya - Asian grocery store, but also has a good food court and a Kinokuniya book store inside, where one can find things like manga, or video game sound tracks (not that either one is cheap, but at least you know it's not bootlegged). Further from PAX than most of these other things, but the King County Metro bus tunnel lets out right across the street, so getting between the two is fairly simple.

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