Boycott Tritton Booth [Please]

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I didn't see anything in the rules about this so I'll give it a simple shot and if it gets closed I understand.

Alright ladies and gents, I'm hoping you guys can help a fellow PA'r out with this and also if you see a guy walk over to the Tritton/Madcatz booth with a headset and toss it on their table and flip them the bird and toss out a string of seemingly random profanities before walking off you'll know why.

I'm asking in the hopes that a few of you will join me in the boycott of Tritton products after they screwed me to the tune of $130. I suppose I should explain this so in a nutshell I purchased a headset from them around a month ago and it has yet to work and Tritton has politely told me to go **** myself and its my problem and not theirs.

Shortly after purchasing the headset it began to broadcast blinding static, and then shortly after that it began to fail to reconize the mic was plugged in. Around that time the headset also began to have issues with the volume in the left half of the headset being around 50% of the volume of the right ear cup...and before you ask no I'm not hard of hearing in my left ear :P.

Simple fix seeing as each tritton headset has a "1 Year Warranty"
if you buy from a supported reseller
Well I purchased this headset from Best Buy which is a supported reseller, I found out about the issue and contacted Tritton and emailed them if there was some setting or something I was missing or if I had a faulty headset. A week later I had no reply and so I called in where I was told that if the microphone wasn't working I could purchase a new cable and microphone boom for $15 plus shipping.

These parts are covered under their warranty and if you do ten seconds of research you'll find I'm not the only person who had issues out of the box or shortly after purchasing a Tritton headset to have problems with those specific parts. Where those people and I differ however is that Tritton mailed out replacement parts to them for no cost and they told me that if I wanted a working headset I'd need to pay more to do so.

I figured I had talked with someone who didn't understand what I had said and because I had read on many reviews on the Tritton headsets people had called in and gotten replacements I emailed Tritton support once again and after another week on no reply I called in again.

This time I was told that replacement parts could be bought from the "Gameshark Store" and I was basically hung up on. I repeated myself that the headset was a month old and bought from best buy and all I got was buy new parts thanks for calling and no help.

I sent in my third email in and once again I recieved no reply and so I find myself after three emails and two phone calls with a product that never functioned correctly after day 2 and I've yet to see any sort of resolve from Tritton beyond me shelling out around twenty more bucks to hopefully get this piece of trash fixed.

So guys I'm asking you in the hopes that it will save you from having the same issues I've had to simply walk past the Madcatz/Tritton booth at PAX. Its a crappy product with even worse customer support who took $130 of my hard earned dollars and then proceeded to tell me to go **** myself and not fix an issue that is covered under their publicly advertised warranty. They have not even offered to RMA the item nor after I asked about it would they help me with it beyond telling me to go and buy parts.

Without a RMA number I cannot ship the unit back to Tritton so I'm planning to simply return it at PAX, toss it on the table and tell them that it was a piece of garbage and that they can go **** themselves and then go off and enjoy the other quality booths at PAX with people who take some pride in their products and actually care about keeping their customers happy rather then having a "turn-em and burn-em" approach.

So once again guys please help a PA'r out and just keep walking when you see the Tritton booth.

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