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Windows 7 and multiple image backups

3vil0n33vil0n3 Registered User
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I've got a bit of an odd problem witt Windows 7 and an extrenal hard drive with several system images on it.

I have been creating system images on one external 1tb USB hard drive. I was grabbing some of these images across our network using a network share. I moved all of the images to this drive because the machine we were using was getting taken away.

So anyway. I have all of the images on the drive still, about 10 in total, but when I boot off of the Windows 7 recovery cd I can only pick from 3 of them. They are all verified to be on the drive with different names. I can even see them from the DOS prompt in the recovery cd.

The only option I have in the recover portion of the software is to look for images on a network location. Why doesn't it like these other images anymore? I can evern write more images to the drive but I can't restore from them.

I'm really confused and have been working on this off and on for several days. I'm hoping someone else has seen similar problems before. Thanks in advance.

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