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Advice needed on cheap Blu-Ray players

LawndartLawndart Registered User regular
I couldn't find an ongoing thread on this issue and since I'm not sure if it fits in the general TV thread, here we are.

Recently some wonderful people broke into my apartment and stole, among other things, my snazzy backwards compatible PS3, which was also my only Blu-Ray/DVD player.

This puts me on the market for a new BR player.

I have much less spare cash now then back in the day when I bought my PS3, and over the past few years my gaming has shifted pretty much 100% to the PC, so paying $299 for a new PS3 seems like less of a good idea now that the prices on entry-level Blu-Ray players have dropped so precipitously.

Which comes to the "advice" part, since there are now a bunch of BR players around the $100-$150 range and I have no clue which ones suck and which ones do not, or if as a whole they aren't worth it.

For what it's worth, I'm going to be plugging this into a 42" 1080p Panasonic that's a few years old. I'm not a stickler for uber-high-end performance but it'd be nice to find something matching the PS3 for visual quality. I don't give a shit about 3D or media streaming or any bells and whistles other than "send a really pretty picture and sound through an HDMI cable."

Browsing Amazon, I'm considering something like this.

TL;DR: PS3 stolen. Can't afford a new one. Need advice on which cheap BR players don't suck too much.


Lawndart on


  • Bionic MonkeyBionic Monkey Registered User, ClubPA
    edited May 2011
    It's hooked up to a 23" TV, so I've no idea if it's the same quality as the PS3, but I have this Insignia player and the quality is pretty decent. Though I bought it primarily for the fact that it's got wifi built in without spending some bullshit amount on an extra adapter.

    Bionic Monkey on
  • Dark ShroudDark Shroud Registered User regular
    edited May 2011
    The only warning I'll give is that a lot of the cheap BD players will not get updates.

    That BD player you selected looks like it will do the job well enough.

    Dark Shroud on
  • Skoal CatSkoal Cat Registered User
    edited May 2011
    Skoal Cat on
    ceres wrote: »
    Skoal Cat is correct.
  • CormacCormac Registered User regular
    edited May 2011
    I have a Panasonic DMP-BD60 I bought a little over two years ago and it's performed flawlessly. The model you're looking at seems to be a new version of what I have. One of the reasons I bought a Panasonic was it had a very good processor for scaling SD DVD's to HD resolutions, and I have a large collection of DVD's that I'm in no rush to replace with Blu-Ray's.

    Cormac on
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