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A bunch of stuff Projeck made [please, please love me]

ProjeckProjeck Registered User regular
edited May 2011 in Artist's Corner
Hey, I'm not dead! Just busy. Well, more lazy than busy, but. Okay.

Anyway, I haven't stopped doing art and I figure it's time to post some stuff, these are all mostly things I used for my AP Art portfolio, crits/comments/help/etc. would be awesome and more than welcome.

So, here's stuff [some of the photos are pretty poor, and the images a little large, but]:
These first twelve were part of my Concentration, which were all along a central theme [in this case, noodle-y things]












and then these are just assorted other things
old-ish self portrait






from photo, of a friend


I realize that a lot of these are just upper body/shoulders and head stuff, which I'm going to have to consciously make an effort to avoid in the future, but I have a gallery show at a coffee shop coming up soon, and that should be a good opportunity to make more full figured works and such.


e: are these all way too big? I can try to shrink them down here in a bit.

Projeck on


  • ParadiseParadise Registered User regular
    edited May 2011
    Some of these are super fun. From the first spoiler box, the first two pictures (which kind of look like they could be shots from Adventure Time), the fifth and sixth pictures (#6 looks familiar... doodle thread repost?), and the eighth picture look really appealing to me. From spoiler box two, the one with the moon and the ["No-Face" from Spirited Away]-looking monsters also looks pretty cool. I'm not in much of a criticism-giving kind of mood right now, but I do think this thread deserves some attention.

    Paradise on
  • ProjeckProjeck Registered User regular
    edited May 2011
    Thanks Paradise, you're a sweetheart. Adventure Time is definitely a big influence on a lot of my stuff [Pen Ward is the man], and I think I have posted a couple of these in the past. I appreciate the kind words, I really dig the stuff I've seen in your thread, too. Hopefully I'll get a bit more thread traffic once I get around to resizing things, I've been ultra super lazy.

    Projeck on
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