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i.e. British Television

I have watched a bit of British television over the past couple of years, and I find it immensely enjoyable.

There are shows about charmingly miserable people

Peep Show is about two dudes who live together and are miserable

Black Books is about three miserable people one of whom is Irish

Spaced is a show about several miserable people

There are sketch comedy shows made by the people who play miserable people

There are social commentary shows with miserable, angry, sarcastic people

There are panel shows
I like these because of the back and forth between people

obscure knowledge quiz shows

shows where the panelists attempt to lie convincingly to win points

news panel shows

and news shows that are less panelly

I don't really watch any British drama shows, so I don't know about those
except Doctor Who, but that's got its own thread

Tam on


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