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[Dungeon Fighter Online]: Free-to-play Brawler MMO...With Anime!

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Well this looks like fun, doesn't it? It is! I learned about this game a month or so ago by watching Extra Credits talk about games you should check out. I've been playing it for about a week or so (when baby-duties allow) and it's a pretty fun little brawler. A mini-review, for your edification:

Things which are good!: -It's free, my favorite flavor!
-Lots of different classes to play and skills to learn
-Pretty good management systems to keep everything organized
-Quite pretty.
-So far, the pay-stuff seems to just change your appearance and/or help you make cool gear, nothing that breaks the game or turns it into a Moneyfight (tm).

Things which are bad: -It takes a while to get any sort of difficult.
-Lots of decisions to make without knowing what those decisions necessarily mean.
-There are people on it. I'm hoping a few like-minded, relatively sane PA people might join me on there so I don't have to learn the ridiculous code that, of course, has sprung up in place of conversations about gear and group requests.

Things you probably want to know: -Always be doing an 'Epic Quest'. That's how you unlock new dungeons to go brawl in. If you don't, you'll end up having to go back to underpowered stuff.
-Use the map. You can mouse over people to see what they sell. Everyone sells something, though you won't care about most of it.

Come join! Play! Enjoy! Make a clan with me. We'll use English and proper punctuation and everything. We'll call ourselves Clan Syntax, or some such nonsense.

Xbox Live: Spunkrake -- Looking to build a friend list!
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