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101 Superhero Character Ideas



  • STARcomicsSTARcomics Registered User new member

    A teenage boy name Talbot Parker his father died when he was three and his mother got cancer when he was ten and he was beat by his foster parents and he stole car parts from their car. He took those parts and built "little helper's ". One day he ran away and he was walking for eight years and he took appart his robots and made a blue and grey exo-suit and he stole more parts and became Neon. He saved children because he didn't want kids to have the same problems as he had.

  • Left4Redemptio Left4Redemptio Registered User new member
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    108: Redemption

    When he was six he witnessed the death of his parents, watching them be beat to death, by his enemy in the present "The King".
    Redemption's birth name is Roberto, but after that day his name was Redemption!

    Mind Control
    The ability to control metal

    He continues to hunt for The King, but he struggles to find him, All he manages to find is The King's sidekick's, Redemption always seems to be beaten when he is confronted by his enemies but he makes a comeback with his sidekick "Trait" (No powers known yet!).
    Redemption will never stop hunting The King until he has a grave!

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  • FrowbakkFrowbakk Registered User regular
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    109: Secret Agent Concierge

    Secret Agent Concierge,
    Fights crime when he gets the urge
    Opens doors, any size,
    Catches all the bad guys
    Look Out!
    Here comes the...

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  • NocrenNocren Lt Futz, Back in Action North CarolinaRegistered User regular
    Like others, this was from CoH:

    110, NanKnight: a victim of a terrorist bombing, Simon Kiver agreed to be the test subject of an experiment set of nano machines that would help restore and repair the damage to his body.
    The nanites are highly adaptive, unable to prevent damage but repair it almost instantly. To facilitate their travel throughout his body his reflexes and muscle density are increased, giving him increased speed and strength.
    In times of extreme duress, Simon can "overclock" his nano machines and expel them through his pores to encase his body in a thin but durable layer of armor. However this can only be done for a limited period of time and Simon is physically drained/exhausted after doing so and must replenish the lost nanites, usually with an increase in food.

  • see317see317 Registered User regular
    111 (one I've had developing in my head for a while)
    Denton "D-10" Krieger
    D-10 is a local area reality warper, with his physical reality tied to role playing game character sheets.
    D-10's ability come into play as he alters a personal character sheet he changes to reflect the alterations. Need to be stronger? A quick smudge with an eraser and suddenly D-10 can pick up cars. Need to be more charismatic? Faster? Agile? Smarter? D-10 can alter the character sheet for any of these.
    Need to be able to shoot a gun? Fly a plane? Pick a lock? D-10 can add any skills to his character sheet.
    Need a refill for ammunition, or an emergency first aid kit with anti-venom for a rare south american snake? Add it to the character sheet and it appears ("it was always under my trench coat, that's why I wear a trench coat").

    Of course, he can't be too blatant or obvious about the changes, Denton knows that he's watched by the GM, and altering his reality too obviously will inevitably backfire on him. Maybe the gun will suddenly jam, the plane run out of fuel, the locked door suddenly sprout an unanticipated trap or explosive. Other characters around him know the GM as Jee'Em, and believe it to be an alien intelligence instead of an inherent reflection of Denton's power and how he believes his power affects the world around him.

    Then there's the other down side. Denton is tied to his character sheet. If he loses it, whoever finds it can alter Denton's reality just as easily, and with no fear of the GM. A minor change and suddenly Lawful Good Denton can be changed to Chaotic Evil Denton, super strong Denton to ordinary (or below average) strength, changing his stats could easily render Denton helpless or worse.
    Of course the constant changes to a character sheet wear it out. It's only paper, after all. And once a sheet is worn through or otherwise damaged beyond legibility, it no longer has an effect on Denton, and he must spend some time recreating his own baseline character sheet in whatever gaming system he chooses, realistically evaluating his "real" self to fit it into the gaming system guidelines.

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    Well except what see317 said. That guy's always wrong.
  • Crippledninja29Crippledninja29 Registered User new member
    Hero name: chameleon
    Real name: Markus Jones
    Powers: sticky hands (for climbing up walls), colour changing, and a long, whip-like tongue.

    Markus was never the popular one, he was always picked on at school, but when he went to get a job at a Nano-bot development centre one of the researchers accidently spilled a vial of Nano-bot liquid on Markus which quickly burrowed their way into his skin, at first it seemed to be alright, but when he got home he started feeling dizzy so he lay on the sofa and fell asleep when he woke up and went to brush his teeth he realized that he couldn't see himself, Markus was astonished, but then his body started showing and, to Markus's surprise, he gazed into a strange, lizard-like humanoid In the mirror, that thing in the mirror, was Markus.

  • Zeel773Zeel773 Registered User new member
    Power-hour (couldn't think of anything else.)

    He has the power to control time. He can freeze time, speed it up, slow it down , and even teleport through time, as in skiping certain events in time.
    When he speeds or slows time he can also make it so that he moves through the world to see whats going on, but everyone else sees him as he was when time was normal. So basicly he can do anything by controlling time.

  • chimechongaschimechongas Registered User new member
    114. Hex (Think Gambit)
    Hex is a homeless, notorious for his undefeated card game skills in which people think he cheats. A superhero not afraid to take money from crooks, Hex is driven by adventure. He carries a deck of magical cards, when he throws them, the moment they make impact they execute a magic spell he channeled. After being thrown, the cards magically reappear in his deck. Even when a spell is not channeled, the cards can still be deadly as they are lined with sharp steel. He is a agile combatant, and has limited training in free running and hand to hand combat.

  • TurbinailTurbinail Registered User new member
    115. Joan of Arc
    Origin: After her resurrection in the late 1990's, Joan of Arc (or Johanna Skull) realized she wasn't in her century anymore. She also didn't look the same. Her flesh was gone and flames were ignited inside her bones. Her armor remained, singed and rusty. Her hair was gone, only few locks of hair remained. Her sword was singed, and could be used as a staff to control her powers as a witch. She can rise stakes from the ground and tie people to them so they burn. She also has two personalities. One is Johanna Skull, a seductive woman who will get it on with any man, but then there is her real form, the skeletal Joan of Arc.

    Age:583 years old

    Powers: Psychic, magnetic, fire, dark magic powers and can change into Johanna Skull while in Joan of Arc form, while in Johanna Skull version she is a seductive madman.

    Weapons: Her singed sword, her powers, and her shield and armor.

  • MagicPrimeMagicPrime FiresideWizard Registered User regular
    116. Wanger-Banger

    A young man born with the ability to project waves of concussive force from his loins. Costume appears as a stereotypical 80's porn star, complete with thin mustache.

    117. Gloryhole

    Side-kick to Wanger-Banger. Has the ability to create micro-wormholes in the form of 'black spots' in which he can transport matter.

    118. Buddy-Cop Team

    One is a Seven Foot tall rock-monster, the other is a human with the ability to absorb and control electricity. Together they are "Basalt & Battery"

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  • unholyhunterunholyhunter Registered User new member
    He has the ability to hide him or anyone he touches into a object colour or creature in the area.
    He can also learn every physical thing about someone or something (such as what they need to survive, how to heal them, how to poison them, etc)which he needs before he can use his camouflage abilities. When he studies a living creature he can see if they have any broken bones, damaged limbs, or diseases.

  • LucedesLucedes keeps happening for some reason Registered User regular
    120. Doctor What

    Can teleport himself, others, or discrete objects to or from any place in sight or memory. Also has the ability to see ten seconds into the past or future, and does not age.
    Every confrontation, problem, or exchange becomes philosophical instead of a matter of force.
    i broke a tri-stat dx campaign with these powers once. whoops.

  • Wolf EternalWolf Eternal Registered User new member
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    Zack Wilson, aka PyroSpark has the ability to draw heat and static out of anything that produces it, and use it. He found this ability by being struck by lightning one day. He awakes in the hospital to find out the nurse caring for him had died of hypotermia and paralisis.

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  • Grunt's GhostsGrunt's Ghosts Registered User regular
    We really should have some comic artist folks make a webcomic series with these people.

  • Wolf EternalWolf Eternal Registered User new member
    That would awsome lol

    We as people are only as good or evil as our minds let us the question you must ask is this: Do you truly want the answer?
  • CF UniversalCF Universal Registered User new member
    122: Adom
    Adom is one out of a few people in his town that have special abilities.
    When they were younger an experiment gone wrong caused an explosion that killed hundreds, injured many, & left a few with powers.
    Adom has an ability call Atomic Restructuring, meaning he can touch something and change its shape on an atomic level, for example: he can take a baseball and turn it into a football.

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  • Grunt's GhostsGrunt's Ghosts Registered User regular
    123. Chaos Theory

    Leroy Lemons was once a normal theoretical physicist working on projects no one cared about. Then during an experiment, Lemons created a tear in space-time, allowing him to view the secrets of the universe and exposing him to Cosmic Energy. This allow left him insane (or not, people who talk to him no longer can tell) but Lemons now seems to show up to change events. No one knows if he's seeing the future or causing the events but when every Chaos Theory shows up, nothing is going to be as it seems.

    Chaos Theory's outfit is a dark purple lab coat and a tinted goggles and matching gloves. Chaos Theory isn't a physical person and is rarely seen fighting with fist, although it's believe he can control Cosmic Energy to change reality just enough to give his punch a bit of force behind it.

  • Desert LeviathanDesert Leviathan Registered User regular
    Some of my own favorite CoH/CoV characters.

    124.) Stormcrow - An occultist with a broad range of minor to moderate abilities, including a specialty in weather magic. But his most notable power is actually a curse; guided by intuition and dimly remembered scraps of prophetic dreams, he has a remarkable tendency to show up just where trouble is about to be. He is always too late to stop that trouble entirely, but generally early enough to help mitigate it somewhat. In cases where he resists investigating such scenarios, it's always clear after the fact that things were much worse without his help. The general public understand his relationship to these events poorly, and no one's ever glad to see him show up. He hasn't had a day off in ages.

    125.) Catastrophile - A villain who derives psychic nourishment from suffering and panic. He is able to channel the energy gathered into bursts of enhanced strength, speed and durability, enabling him to create even more misery once he's been started up. For obvious reasons, spends a lot of time stalking Stormcrow, waiting for the crap to hit the fan.

    126.) Oubliette - A semi-reformed villain who can create portals to inescapable pocket dimensions. She's managed to build a transportation network by leaving dormant gates to one such dimension scattered around, so she can open a gate to it in one place, step inside, and step back out somewhere else that she's previously opened a gate. Prolonged occupation of one of her prison bubbles can enslave the will of a prisoner, although this wears off quickly after they're released. Now that she's trying to stay on the right side of the law, she mostly uses this ability to seal away demons, summoning them for brief combat uses.

    127.) Draculincoln - He's a Dracula. He's Abraham Lincoln. He learned kung fu from the Jedi Ghost of Bruce Lee, and made brass knuckles out of the shards of Excalibur. He runs a detective agency from his house-boat. It's possible that none of this is true, and he's a Reality Warper who read too much Dr. McNinja before his mental breakdown.

    128.) Barack Robama - A supervillain attempted to replace the president with a Robot, but his artificial personality program was too sophisticated, and the robot believed he was the original. Finding out he's mechanical inside hasn't diminished his desire for Justice, and he has modified himself with numerous hidden weapon systems. Occasional ally of Draculincoln.

    129.) Fungus Amongus - Once a Man, now a Mushroom, he is to Fungi what Swamp Thing is to Plants. This is more useful than it sounds.

    130.) Dr. Cerberus - An experiment with time travel caused his consciousness to be split into a self that's shifted into the future, a self that's shifted into the past, and a self that's rooted firmly in the present, all occupying the same brain. When the three awarenesses are cooperating, he's nearly omniscient. Most of the time they're fighting each other for control of the body, though.

    131.) Tindalhound - A member of an elite squad of Time Cops who travel the multiverse to smooth out time disruptions, usually by capturing or killing whoever's responsible. A little trigger-happy for a Hero, but to be fair, failure in a mission could unravel all Time. Arch-enemy of Dr. Cerberus.

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  • Grunt's GhostsGrunt's Ghosts Registered User regular
    132. Savage

    Rajvir was taken from his village at a young age and used as a child soldier in Darfur. He learned how to kill with both a gun and with his hands before the age of 10 and was given the nickname "Savage" from his brutal way he would kill his enemies. After he was forced to fight and kill his best friend Irshaad by some of the group's leaders, Rajvir escaped, killing many of the leaders on his way out. Rajvir spend the next few years living on the run, honing his skills as a warrior and leaving a trail of dead rebel and government leaders in his wake.

    Savage is a medium sized, athletic built man who wears yellowish green torn jeans (more shorts now) from his days as a soldier. After studying with a Shaman in the bush, Savage now uses war paint in the shape of runes to give himself protection from enemies. Some claim that when Savage is attacking, it's like he's a thousand warriors, striking with unhuman speed. He normally uses daggers craved from human bones and a staff with runes craved in it.

  • EndlessThinkerEndlessThinker Registered User new member
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    133. Hide

    Hide is an extra-dimensional being with a favor for humanity while suffering exile from his home spending his time protecting New York with his powers of: Being able to rip open rifts in space for; storage/access to his pocket dimension Mobility, (he can open a rift which reveals a green, 'melted' glass universe for him to travel around in, he can see everything that is going on in normal time but not time has passed when he comes out) Telekinesis, and changing gravity power, he is a force to be Reckoned with

    134. Warper

    Warper is the result of genetic testing resulting in his body effectively falling apart into a liquid state allowing him to warp his limbs into different weapons, 'phase' through walls, absorb blasts, and become intangible because he can solidify his body at will and vise versa

    135. Blink

    A normal human blessed with spiritual enlightenment he can astral project, turn invisible, teleport, form spirit barriers, has spirit infused blades, aura fists & Aura shock which will knock out most people

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  • IconcreatorIconcreator Registered User regular
    David.Jones won the lottery as a teenager so he dropped out of high school and used the money to learn ti-won-do and boxing along with uncanny detective skills when his father died and his money running out he trained as a cop because of his skills he eventually quit and spent half a year living an average life then one day a package arrives with a list of names from a Mystery man named Clue it said if you want to fight crime then open the box and get down to it if you do not then cross your name of the list and send this to someone who name is not crossed of list opening the box he found a mask with no face as he picked it up he discovered it was wired to a belt putting on the suit he turned pressed a button on the belt and on the mask a horrifying face appeared now with the ability to strike fear into criminals like no one else he uses his fighting skill to fight crime

  • IconcreatorIconcreator Registered User regular
    Whip trick:
    Neapolitan Harris grew up as a street rat only avoiding police confrontation to 8 when he is throne in jail he is bailed out by a wealthy circus owner who kneaded a elephant poop shoeler as well teaching the boy how to use the whip when a lion tries to escape he uses to whips to fight it of realizing the boys potential he trained him how to do tricks with the whips whip trick became a huge attraction Neapolitan soon learned all the performers were ex convicts some of crimes as horrible as murder after years of literally being slaves to the owner all the performers brake out they later learned the world thought them the whole time and there records wiped out there only names were there stage names whip trick along with them. Whip trick cought the worst of them and went on to his own life but as more of the performer broke out and masked heroes an the rise he himself put on a mask to fight them once again

  • IconcreatorIconcreator Registered User regular
    Rick Benet was a young child when his whole life changed his aunt and uncle died in a gang war and his cousin moved in
    his mother re married a boxer and all he could think to do was get rid of his anger. He pounded his step fathers punching bag until one day he was cought in the act by his step dad himself to Ricks surprise he didn't even tell him t stop he held the back of the bag and told him to turn his hips more soon after that his father sighed him up for Karate where he eventually was tough to use a blade Then Rick begged to take Archery classes as he grew older and masked heroes started popping up he put together a turquoise and gray suit and hides a samurai sword in his bow as well as buttons strapped to his back with all his amazing skills criminal do not have a chance. He even teamed up with his cousin scientist with a special suit of his own.

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    The Bouncer
    Retired boxer and actual bouncer in a small time club, he was given the ability to briefly strip the powers from supers by a extra-dimensional entity.

    Turkish scientist turned rocketeer, zealously bringing education to the Islamic nations of the world, and beyond!

    Sir Malcolm
    A teenager from DC, he was transported to King Arthur's time, and having since returned, acts as a modern day knight.

    Captain Bolas
    He's got a bolas!

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    And a bolasmobile!

  • Grunt's GhostsGrunt's Ghosts Registered User regular
    143: Frankenstein

    West Scott was an actor in Hollywood who was known to get into the role and stay in character for the whole shoot. When he signed on to play Frankenstein's Monster in a modern re-imaging he was excited until he learned the whole movie he was to be CGI'd. Taking matters into his own hands, West under when a radical surgery to become the Monster. Doing so caused the studio to pull support for the movie and asked West to seek professional psychological help. So West rampaged through the studio and has since been on the run. Frankenstein has super-strenght and Testla coils that he shoots electricity from or drains electricity from around him to rapidly heal himself.

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    Due to a weird flux of the megaverse, simple vigilante Underdog (a nice married-with-three-children chap in his late thirties from Leeds, England) can switch places with his infinite selves when under stress!
    Including: Underdog Prime, Uberhund, Sideways Coyote, Steampunk Underdog, Psychic Giant Brain Underdog, El Desvalido, Mad Dog, Pugman, Runs with Wolves, Electric Blue Underdog.

  • IconcreatorIconcreator Registered User regular
    Freddy Coleman grew up with his mother working in the clock towers and while he loved the clocks he always dreamed of something more when his mother passed away he heard of phoenix Jones he new his calling using spare clock parts and a green and grey jump suit he fights crime using gears as throwing stars as well as other clock based gadgets

  • IconcreatorIconcreator Registered User regular
    (this one is my first character who I have developed for YEARS! )

    Mason Mack lived a happy life until one day when him and his parents were walking through the streets of Seattle a gang war broke out his parent hid him in a car while they tried to control the crowed. Mason witnessed his parents death. When he became a teenager he used his parents old technology and created a nanite suit witch enhanced his strength and let him electrocute people with a touch he now uses his new found powers and par core skills to fight crime

  • StarGirlStarGirl Registered User new member
    Amelia Adams, aka StarGirl
    Amelia Adams was your normal young adult until a neutron star exploded and hit her telescope, which in turn hit Amelia. Surprised, she told her beset friend Vance about the situation as well as her cousin Sam, aka Lady Timestopper. Amelia trained with Vance to control her powers and developed skills to fight crime whenever she was needed since she liked to help people get out of the situations they can't get out of by themselves. Costume is a midnight blue and black bodysuit, black mask and boots. The mask and bodysuit have stars on them.
    Cousin to StarGirl and not very good with fighting or her powers. Helps whenever she can and although loyal, not the best person to count on when it comes to crimefighting.
    Raven Winters/ The Masked Mystery
    Prefers to work alone and uses her powers to fight crime in her town whenever there is crime. Likes to read and write, and costume is like Raven's from Teen Titans.

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    edited March 2016
    British Organised Weird Independence Electorate

    Lady Britainia
    Common sense and indomitable will. Hefty supply of over 700 years of gear. Lineage traces back to Guinevere, the first vigilante.

    Elephantine (Haathee)
    Giant musclebound mutant from India. Master of etiquette and diplomacy. Professional fashion designer.

    Flying Fox and the Venture Vixens
    Veteran WW2 pilot and his hand picked aces. Successfully made an aid drop to the seventh layer of Hell. Scandalous.

    To be scrapped warship turned living entity after decades of "life exposure". Once hunted, now a renown privateer. On-off relationship with the Networker; a crime baroness.

    The Light Brigade
    Vanishment, invisibility, incorporeality, high morale. Band of soldiering ghosts. Weakness: tea time.

    Bitten by a radioactive CCTV camera, Iris can see everything. Surprisingly optimistic. Collects fairy figurines.

    He can explode things. Healing factor and/or improbable luck. Patron to the construction industry.

    Micky Ribisi
    Amphibious detective. Ex-alcoholic. Hotshot pilot, marksfrog and famed international lover.

    Superb Glamlord!
    Cosmic music powers. Founding member. Exists sideways from time and space.

    The Scotsman
    A primal force that can inhabit any Scottish person in a time of need. Super strong. May cry publicly.

    Corgie. Team mascot. Good dog.

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  • IconcreatorIconcreator Registered User regular
    Jonathon Anderson was talked into being a test subject for a very special science project involving an exo suit and special gloves designed to allow him to climb o walls glide and fight crime ans the Gecko

  • IconcreatorIconcreator Registered User regular
    A supreme alien being who was the only one left of his missionary family on the planet zoid he was adopted by some scavengers but soon broke out on his own with the construction of his own inter galactic mafia and when he tried to return to his planet of supreme being he was shunned and given the name Exile. Inter galactic cops eventually took his crime mafia down and he escaped to earth wear he traveled around the earth breading with humans having super children.

  • Alpha_StarborneAlpha_Starborne Registered User new member
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    Jeremy Kozui has the ability to turn any part of or his entire body into any form of water (steam, ice, water, etc.).

    The Lightbender
    Liam Tandas has the ability to control how light reflects and absorbs through objects, making things invisible or changing what things look like.

    Tork and Bandit
    Guillermo Salvatore, a vigilante bandit, discovers a large golem-like figure who is sworn to protect him after he reads the name TORK etched on the side of the golem's arm.

    Karana Sajeev has the ability to shape-shift into any human who is dead.

    Torann Aris has the ability to mimic anything someone says in the same they said it after hearing it at least once.

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  • IconcreatorIconcreator Registered User regular
    Samuel miller was a young orphan when he first came in contact with the dark order, an ancient reign making secret society. When he got older he became a world renown treasure hunter. But when the dark order tries to destroy an ancient map Samuel goes on a hunt to find out why. He finds the drop of golden treasure. From the treasures found in the cave he becomes rich, But that not all a mystical amulet that gives him power over energy and the earth. Now he must use his new found powers to fight the dreaded dark order.

  • FroThulhuFroThulhu Registered User regular
    James, the Traveller

    A man-child out of time, hailing from a prehistoric civilization in which supernatural abilities were known and common, James was the second son of royalty. His original ability was being able to foster plant life where it shouldn't be possible and accelerate its growth. When the Sixth Child waged war on James' nation in order to gain access to forbidden knowledge, James and all the warriors of his land -more than 100,000 powered individuals- were killed in a mystical conflagration. Somehow, James' death 'broke' his own fate and, in doing so, broke the rules of our universe.

    James was revived, now immortal and imbued with the strength and powers of his fallen comrades. He has wandered for millenia, sometimes a conqueror, sometimes a hero, always lost. Until now...

    Out of Time- Because both James' death and continued existence are anathema to the laws of nature and reality, he has limited control over his own 'personal physics,' allowing him to temporarily bend space-time in a limited bubble around him. This can be used to augment his other, more reliable abilities, but is mainly used to 'Pym-particle'-away some stuff like personal flight and super speed.

    Strength of a Nation- James possesses the total physical abilities of every individual who died with him, including the upper limits of those who possessed augmented strength.

    Scouring Sight- James can, with extreme effort, attempt to totally obliterate organic materials or living creatures within his line of sight with a blinding flash of light from his eyes; however, this requires intense focus and is limited to a specific subject. It also occurs in a sort of reverse blink, after a short build up. Performing this causes a significant amount of physical discomfort.

    It is possible to drown James, and he can be encased in stone or buried alive. James can be incapacitated through electric shock as any normal person. Any of these will only be effective as long as James is subject to the effect i.e. if James as has been drowned, he will remain incapacitated until removed from the water.

    James can be killed with fire, and in fact may be more flammable than normal living creatures. He does not suffer from any particular aversion or fear of fire, and has actually taken up smoking cigarettes and cigars since the 1920's.

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  • IconcreatorIconcreator Registered User regular
    Black Assalent

    (redeveloped version of Mason Mack) Mason Mack grew up on the streets of Seattle with only his father as a guardian. When Mason became an adult he worked for the government on a Nanite suit that would increase the abilities of the wearer. But during a huge terrorist attack his father was killed. Mason, relisting war was pointless stole the Nanites and split. Now he is a superhero on the run.

  • SezzerSezzer Registered User new member

    Real name: Walter Crane

    Power: Can control light and generate photons. Mainly uses powers to hide.

    Background: At a young age Walter lean of his power and refined it to the highest degree, but never used it for anything useful. Then, on a night unlike any other, he comes home to see that his mother and father were burned alive and dumped in the kitchen. Now Walter is twenty seven and a ruthless killer. Walter only kills bad people though.

  • IconcreatorIconcreator Registered User regular
    Black Assalent notification

    For all of you who hate me for this and those of you who dont, I am ounce again putting Mason Mack AKA Black assalent into development
    but in the mean time please enjoy these other charecters I camup with.


    Caden dare famous explorer fell into a gigantic fortune when he discovered a lost tresurre. But thats not all he found, a mystical amulet with a gem called the earth stone. Now he must defend the world from a secret dark order with the power of the earth.


    Aden suffered nightmares as a kid but when he grew to adult hood he became a vigilante. He soon geared up with a nightmarish mask and an alias of being pure Horror.


    Originating from a planet of watter beings Vitia tan soon relises she is the dughter of a human. After years as a life of a gladiator she finds someone who
    can help her get to earth


    Bombarted with the energy of a blackhole Sara Hathaway was shot to the other side of the galaxy where she meats a gladiator named aqua who is have human and together they travel across the galaxy bringing justice and trying to get to earth

  • ryan7251ryan7251 Registered User new member

    Tyler Sernepon was a young bio scientist working with plant and animal dank working with magic to help cure diseases until one day when an experiment went wrong turning him into a winged gill having beast with scales claws fur and nature magic being able to manipulate the elements of nature and magic and has the combined best abilities of every animal ever in any form of existence as well as shapeshifting he now travels the worlds fighting those who would take away the freedom of the people

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