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101 Superhero Character Ideas



  • masudduth200masudduth200 Registered User new member
    A speedster with the ability to transform his skin into a metal denser than anything in the known universe, almost godlike. After gaining these abilities, high-school student Tony Cohen decides to name himself after an element and the messenger of the roman gods, Mercury.

  • MeesterFunnehMeesterFunneh Registered User new member
    107: Inferno
    Forced to wear a metal body suit covering his entire body, the unknown hero fights with the aid of flames and being able to control any source of fire, moving towards his enemy's or adding to his own power. If he has absorbed enough fire he will transform into a being known as Supernova reaching temperatures of +600 degrees Celsius

  • CCHvoCCHvo Registered User new member
    Real name: Jamie Stroud
    Hero name: Hyper Star
    Powers & Ability: Superhuman Speed, Strength, Agility, Reflexes, Hand-to-Hand Combat, and Durability.
    Jamie Stroud is a Medical Scientist, she made a special serum that makes her faster, stronger, and probably be more hyper.

  • theunfinishedwritertheunfinishedwriter Registered User new member
    edited April 2017

    Arnold Angston was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a child. Although, he was experimented on in a sanitorium, and was granted with perfect mental health. But when stressed, he becomes Splinter, an insane hero with minor physic powers( can cause temporary insanity) and cannot feel pain, due to the fact that he does not register most stimuli while in his Psicosis personality.

    His outfit resembles a face muzzle akin to Hannibal Lector , an untied strait jacket, bare feet and brown, rough cloth pants.

    Height: 6'2''
    Age: 23

    -For a unknown reason, Psicosis gains some muscle mass and increased agility(possibly due to experiments?)
    -Angston has a slight stutter and is a computer engineering enthusiast

    theunfinishedwriter on
  • theunfinishedwritertheunfinishedwriter Registered User new member

    Thomas Samson was diagnosed with Intraocular melanoma when he was 10, after his local nuclear plant suffered a meltdown and had to have his eyes removed. However, he discovered when he woke up from surgery that he could see through the eyes of others. He donned a red hoodie and black sweats, with a white cloth around his eyes, he fights criminals in his city, showing others that you can do anything.

    Height: 5'11''
    Age: 16

    -Tommy's mother is from Sierre Leona
    -Tommy has taken up martial arts to help his efforts and proven to adept at it, rising to brown belt status within a year and a half

  • IconcreatorIconcreator Registered User regular

    Dr. Peter Fraser was an archaeologist one day on a trip the the Himalayan mountains he discovers the an ancient temple in it he finds the lost power of the Eonguard. Moments later the evil organization known as Drakon arrives, with his new found powers he fends them of, he returns to his home in Chicago to team up with the government to use his powers to defeat Drakon. He has the ability to fly lift heavy objects and build up absorbed energy firing them out into blasts and beams.

  • Enigma83Enigma83 Registered User new member
    I legitimately made an account on this site just to post on this thread. I'm about to drops some bombs here, and keep in mind, these are all my characters. Though a few share names with existing characters. And I'm using all of these on my own story. And these are simply the twenty five strongest characters I have. I've made many more, but I haven't listed them as of posting this.


    1. Name: "Vortex"
    Power: Able to create black holes out of nothing. These black holes are completely under his control, having any level of suction of his choosing and only sucking up what he wants it to suck up.

    2. Name: Priscilla "Psion"
    Power: Extremely strong Telekinetic, most likely the strongest in the world. Can move buildings with ease, and can even change the force of gravity. Her telekinesis is both accurate and overwhelmingly powerful, allowing her to do something as precise as moving individual grains of sand to something as difficult as changing the tides. With these powers and this amount of control, it's no wonder that she is the second most powerful hero on Earth.

    3. Name: Leone "Prism"
    Power: Control over light. He can use light to travel in between locations, can generate light, can use it to make lasers that can cut through practically anything, and can suck the light from the nearby area to enhance his powers.

    4. Name: Reginald "Timekeeper"
    Power: Has more control over time than any hero or villain to date. Can completely halt the passage of time as well as slow it down exponentially. It is unknown the extent of which he can manipulate time, for all we know, he can move forwards and backwards in time, if he can, he has never revealed it. So, the scale of his temporal manipulation will most likely remain a mystery.

    5. Name: "Forecaster"
    Power: Control over the weather. Though he may not have as wide a range of control as someone like Dynamo, he has a much more precise control over it than most others. He can only control wind and rain, but he can do so with extreme precision. Enough to use the wind to lift him, and give him something akin to flight, and is able to use the rain to (for example) fill a glass of water.

    6. Name: "Steel Sentinel"
    Power: No powers whatsoever, but he does have an extremely high IQ and as such, has built himself a robotic exoskeleton, which gives him super strength, the power of flight, countless weapons and gadgets, and the ability to register practically everything that is happening in a conflict.

    7. Name: Victoria "Vixen"
    Power: Can use the abilities of any animal of her choosing. A rhino will give her immense strength, a cheetah will bestow upon her speed, a bird will give her flight, a fox will give her agility, and so on and so forth. This makes her extremely useful in practically any situation, and can even combine up to four different attributes at once.

    8. Name: Austin "The Gambler"
    Power: Has an unusually high rate of good fortune, and has never lost a bet, a game of cards, or any game for that matter. He keeps a golden coin and two six shooters with him at all times. He dresses like a cowboy as well, for unknown reasons. He seems to increase every set of odds by 50-70% in his favor. Due to this, he can accomplish impossible tasks, such as ricocheting a shot off of a window, performing non-lethal shots to vital parts of the body, and catching hurtling projectiles, such as thrown knives, axes, bullets, and even a cannon ball on one occasion.

    9. Name: Howard "Home-Run"
    Power: Able to imbue objects with kinetic energy, so they have an impact strength hundreds of times stronger than that it would normally have. For example, if he threw a baseball that would be strong enough to bruise bones, by using his powers, he could send that ball through the person it hit, and through the wall behind that person. His weapon of choice is a specially made baseball bat, which won't break under the force of his strikes.

    10. Name: Maxwell "Adonis"
    Power: Super human strength, which allows him to leap extreme heights and distances, and lets him lift objects over several thousand times heavier then that which the strongest normal human can lift.

    11. Name: Thanatos "Reaper"
    Power: All his powers are not yet known, as he has not revealed the extent of them. He seems to have control over the dead, being able to reanimate corpses to do his bidding as well as being able to create seemingly impossible objects out of the skeletons of the damned. His powers aren't just limited to bones and corpses though, he can control practically any type of remains, such as fossils, and ashes. He can phase through solid objects and can seemingly vanish. He has a signature moved called "The Touch of Death", which allows him to kill any living creature he touches instantly. It is not known if he is even human or of this world. When he needs to, he will enter Reaper mode, in which he will lose his long flowing robe, and don pitch black armor, his Scythe will become two single handed scythes, which he can turn into one two handed scythe at a moments notice.

    12. Name: Michael "Prodigy"
    Power: His IQ is impossibly high for someone of his age, or even for a human being. He may only be 8, but he is quite possibly the most intelligent human being that will or has ever existed. He uses a wide variety of gadgets in combat, most notably, a set of four robotic tentacles that he uses to walk around as well as grab and hold things.

    13. Name: Dust Devil
    Power: Control over Earth, Wind, and Heat

    14. Name: Devine
    Power: the ability to sense and eventually figure out how to counteract a person's powers

    15. Name: Theta
    Power: Complete and utter control of a person or beings free will, and can thus force them to do whatever she wants them to do. Can even force the controlled person to reveal secrets and information, making her an unbeatable interrogator. This is accomplished by speaking her orders with the intent to take over the other persons free will

    16. Name: The Magnificent Maxwell (Master of Magic)
    Power: An actual magician capable of literal magic. No tricks, though some of them seem like tricks, everything he does is legitimate magic.

    17. Name: Zoom
    Power: Generally regarded as the fastest man alive, with the abilities to run at speed that easily breaks the sound barrier. He has moved fast enough to approach the speed of light, causing him to leave "after images" of himself behind. His top speed is unknown.

    18. Name: Nautilus
    Power: The ability to breathe underwater, and the ability to mutate and strengthen any sea creature. Any creature he mutates immediately becomes subservient to him, and remains that way until her reverts them back to normal.

    19. Name: Lupa
    Power: Ability to transform into a werewolf like body.

    20. Name: Alice
    Power: Shrinking and growing. Better at growing than shrinking.

    21. Name: Rainbow Man
    Power: Every color on the visible spectrum gives him a different power, leading to countless different abilities. But, he has to physically touch an object of that color to gain that power. As such, to make it easier for him to access his different powers, the IHA (International Heroes Association) created a custom costume with a rainbow gradient all across his body.

    22. Name: Absorbo
    Power: the power to absorb substances and take on their texture, strength, and properties. Constantly berated by the other S-Classes for his unoriginal name.

    23. Name: Newton
    Power: Gravity manipulation

    24. Name: Lazarus
    Power: Extreme Regeneration and a secondary power which changes every time he dies.

    25. Name: "Prometheus"
    Power: The Hero Equivalent of Echidna. Able to create and control golems. Also capable of creating golem cores.

    Now obviously some character and power descriptions are better than others, but keep in mind, I added over half of these to the list within the last few days, so they need some work. But those that have been there for a while, well, the work shows.

  • ScarletSentinLScarletSentinL Registered User new member
    So, long story short, some friends and I established our own fictional reality while bored in math class. The twist: We ourselves are superheroes in this reality. And some have federal positions (one of us was president, for some brief time). Our weebly page is in development now (our story is undergoing a fourth rewrite, as a story originally conceived by 8th graders should.)

    Name: Carlos Roberto Fuentes
    Height: Varies from 333' to 5'11" to 1"
    Eyes: Black as the night, except for the white part
    Hair: black
    ​Race: Technically Mexican because his parents were, but completely white on the inside.
    Occupation: East head of Fruit Mafia, Billionaire Banana Entrepreneur, Centurion
    Meme specialty: Respect women & eat ass
    Powers: Has the ability to grow or shrink any or all parts of his body, with strength and durability increasing proportionately for growth and increasing indirectly for shrinking. Severe faults in normal reasoning is both a hindrance and a privilege. Likes to change Barricade's web page. Skilled forensic scientist.

    Equipment: Suit incorporates a banana-flavored ray of death into the helmet, along with a quality mp3, radio and full color holographic display, two thrusters for flight, and fibers that grow or shrink as he does. Boots coated in formula derived from banana slime so he can slide around on any surface, but slime may be turned off at will. Carries a shield with two rotating thrusters so he can throw and call it back to him. Shield also has sharpened edges that detach and become twin banana katanas. 3 banana boomerangs. Carries a Desert Eagle .50 and 32 7-round shrunken magazines for it.

    Scarlet Sentinel
    Name: Matthew Huff
    Height: 6'
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Brown
    Race: Completely white American
    Occupation: Former President of USA, Crusader Commandant, Centurion, leader of Fireteam Thundercat
    Meme specialty: Star Wars prequel memes
    Powers: Has the ability to shapeshift into nearly any living form he can imagine. This includes copying any powers that accompany that form. Forms can go up to 20 feet tall, higher-end powers cannot be mimicked. Immunity to all but instant death (can shapeshift into a non-wounded form). Can shapeshift others (this kills them, however.) Due to the shapeshifting being very painful (seriously, you're tearing yourself apart and reassembling yourself), he has created an armored suit to beat the living shit out of his enemies instead. Has an incredible array of sexist, racist, and downright bullshit jokes. Awesome cook and pilot.

    Equipment: Standard suit is powered by a cold fusion reactor, and comes equipped with wrist-mounted plasma cannons, missile, flare, and mine launchers throughout the suit, and a plasma blade that must be recharged after 15 minutes of sustained use (can still function as a normal sword after this time). The suit uses a heads-up display and functions best with the help of his AI companion, Shaina. Can summon various suit attachments from orbiting satellites. Has specialized armors such as the HARM (Heavy Armament) suit, a stealth suit, and an enhanced energy suit.

    Name: Josiah David Powers
    Height: 6'9"
    Eyes: Jew Blue
    Race: White Jew
    Occupation: West head of Fruit Mafia, Centurion
    Powers: Creation and manipulation of ice. Can skate at 150 miles per hour. Weakness to heat and gas. Badass at FPS games.

    Equipment: Armor designed off of goalie pads, providing heavy frontal protection and moderate back protection. Uses double-sided bladed hockey stick. Boots have folding skate blades.

    Thunder Thighs
    Name: Anthony McDaniel
    Height: 5'10"
    Eyes: Blue
    ​Race: White
    Occupation: 4-star general, field commander of main USA military forces
    Meme specialty: Anti-democrat memes
    Powers: Can generate, control, and absorb electricity. Uses it to override his own nerves in muscles for superstrength and superspeed, bends the electromagnetic waves of light to become invisible, controls machinery, and can magnify atomic electromagnetic repulsion to become untouchable. Amazing hockey player, loves guns and bacon.

    Name: Makell White
    Height: 7'
    Eyes: Blacker than his skin
    Hair: Black
    Race: Black
    Occupation: Centurion, celebrity dancer and singer
    Meme specialty: Halo memes
    Powers: Can absorb energy, convert it into new form, and utilize the new energy for whatever he desires (sonic to light, radiation to thermal, etc.). Boss at frying bacon and beating meat. Amazing dancing skills.

    Name: Sebastian Perez-Delgado
    Height: 5'11"
    Eyes: Black
    Face: White Chocolate
    Occupation: Centurion, college intern
    Powers: Extreme regenerative powers, super strength and durability. When he is wounded, his regeneration system surges, increasing powers temporarily. Has even healed from when both of his balls busted. Can teleport and sense other superpowers and sense horniness of people. Expert computer scientist.

    Name: Tariq Aziz Fulford
    Height: 6'
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Black
    Race: Arab
    Occupation: Centurion
    Powers: Increased strength and agility. Master of mixed martial arts and skilled with most projectile weapons. Awesome skills at picking up chicks.

    Equipment: Uses a pair of plasma cannons with shields, blades, and missiles attached to them. Can fire shields as projectiles and call them back. ​Armor provides some protection against small arms and the like. Carries a pair of backup 1911 handguns.

    Name: Erick Pena
    Height: 5'10"
    Eyes: Black
    Face: Milk Chocolate
    Occupation: Centurion
    Powers: Superhuman strength, expert swordsmanship with both single and dual swords, master marksman with longbow and crossbow, proficient with the battleaxe.

    Equipment: ​Uses armor similar to that of a medieval knight, which is far more effective that those of old due to advanced modern materials, and his strength enabling him to use it for long periods without exhaustion. Carries a longsword and a broadsword, a round shield, a battleaxe, and a longbow with a variety of trick arrows. It is theorized that his dick is rubber.

    Name: Jacob Albert Perez
    Height: 5'8"
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Black
    Race: White
    Occupation: Fruit Mafia lieutenant, Centurion
    Meme specialty: Particularly dank memes
    Powers: Can secrete acid (not the drug type) and can grow spikes similar to a pineapple, which are used for climbing and fighting. Really good at being a dick (has a particular dislike for Scarlet).

    Equipment: Grenade-dispensing backpack. Grenades vary in type, including concussion, EMP, stun, smoke, tear gas, toxic, high explosive, sonic, and "singularity grenades" which briefly open small black holes, then close them after a short time to ensure the world does not get destroyed. Carries a plasma carbine.

    Name: Diana Hernandez
    Height: 5'3
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Black
    Race: Mexican
    Occupation: Fruit Mafia Lieutenant, Centurion
    Powers: Can create and control vines. Has the power to create copies of herself, but the total mass of all Dianas always must equal her original mass, therefore, her copies can either be proportionately smaller or the same size, but less dense. Can also make wine whenever, making her essential for parties.

    Equipment: Carries a plasma sniper rifle and SMG, plate armor provides protection, helmet optimized for her sniper role.

    Stunt Rider
    Name: Elijah Sosa
    Height: 6'3"
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Black
    Occupation: Stunt car driver, Centurion, smuggler of weapons, blueprints, and parts for Banana Enterprises.
    Meme specialty: Normie/outdated memes
    Powers: Nearly completely indestructible (note that he can still die from causes such as starvation, suffocation, etc.) .

    Equipment: Banana Enterprises prototype weapon, the "Anus Destroyer 5000", which has 2 shotgun barrels, a micro-missile barrel, a plasma barrel, a grenade launcher, and Field Bacon Cooker in the stock. Twin katanas, experimental reflex/strength enhancement exoskeleton (his indestructible nature makes him the only one who can use it), impact-strengthening gauntlets. A major supplier of Banana Enterprises, helping Banana wage war whenever. Uses multiple specialized vehicles, from motorcycles to semi trucks, which all have various weapons and functions throughout.

    Name: William Harris Hite
    Height: 5'10"
    ​Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Dirty blond
    Race: Completely White American
    Occupation: Centurion, Crusader, leader of Fireteam Norris, weapons tester for Centurion Corp.
    Powers: When angered enough, can control the element of carbon. Able to control larger quantities based on amount of anger in play. Skilled in the delicate application of brute force.

    ​Equipment: Uses a custom Banana Enterprises rifle titled the Circumciser 300, which uses .556, .50 caliber, and plasma ammunition. Uses suit of armor formed with multiple plates, each of which project an electromagnetic forcefield with superheated plasma. This causes most projectiles and melee weapons to be destroyed, and plasma-based rounds or blades to be absorbed. Suit includes gauntlets that have flip-out shotguns, razor disc launchers, flamethrowers, grappling hooks, and blades. Suit also capable of 1 minute of sustained flight and can generate nearly 2,500 pounds of force in a single punch.

    Name: Josiah Scott Ebert
    ​Height: 5' 10"
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Light brown
    Occupation: CEO of Centurion Corp., Crusader, leader of Fireteam Goliath, Centurion
    Powers: Genius in biological, mechanical, and electrical engineering to a superhuman degree. Experiments with genetic modification have led to being capable of thinking of complex systems and requiring very little correction in their actual building. Essentially, concepts are nearly fully formed the instant he thinks of them. Superhuman speed (42 mph), strength (can punch with 3,900 pounds of force), endurance (can maintain a sprint for 3 hours), durability (5,000 lbs of force minimum required to break bones, blades tend to break before his skin does), and enhanced senses and reflexes. Player of galactic proportions.

    ​Equipment: Uses an armored suit for combat (since evidently all that wasn't enough), vastly increasing the physical abilities above. Suit primarily uses plasma-based weapons and electromagnetics, enabling flight, plasma firing, electricity projection, and plasma-based melee weapons, among other abilities.

    Name: Abigail Hite
    Height: 5' 5"
    ​Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Red
    Occupation: Crusader, leader of Fireteam Seeker
    Powers: Prehensile hair, which absorbs most forms of energy from anything it comes into direct contact with. Expert markswoman and hand-to-hand combatant, skilled in mid-short range combat.

    Equipment: Crusader armor, Plasma machine pistol, dual M17s

    Name: Shacel De La Vega Something-else-we-don't-remember
    Height: 5'2"
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Dark brown
    Race: Mexican
    Occupation: Centurion
    Powers: Superspeed: high speed around 11,000 m/s, enhanced durability
    Equipment: Wrist-mounted plasma weapons (plasma takes various forms), suit that reduces drag and has the same durability as Shacel's skin (suit later replaced with protective forcefield)

    Name: Joanna Adara Gray
    Height: 6'
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Blond
    Race: White
    Occupation: Centurion, Executive Officer of Fireteam Thundercat
    Powers: Has strength, endurance, and durability far above peak condition for a normal human (around the levels of Tesla). Expert in many forms of hand-to-hand combat. Expert markswoman.

    ​Equipment: Carries an impressive arsenal of weapons for one person, usually consisting of a plasma/micromissile assault cannon, a plasma/micromissile battle rifle, two custom laser sidearms, deployable cover projectors, and a combat knife.

    Name: Valerie Lopez
    Height: 5'2"
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Black
    Race: White
    Occupation: Centurion, Commanding officer of specialized military paratrooper squad.
    Powers: Possesses a pair of large wings similar to a bird's, enabling her to fly at speeds over 1,400 meters per second. Has a second pair of transparent eyelids for protection during flight. Uses two wrist plasma weapons for combat.

    There's others, but that's quite enough for now.

  • pricepigpricepig Registered User new member
    I have some characters that I'm happy to post on these forums but I would like you to ask before using any of them. If you just get inspiration then it's fine.

    Doctor Do-Nothing:
    Someone who is obsessed with superheroes and what they can do that he decided to become one himself. When people constantly told him he can't do it, he got really mad and started to peruse his aspirations further. However he's not a real doctor and he actually does nothing.

    He seems like a fun little character to add in but not very good.

    Someone who can create copies of himself each with a unique power. The more of this person in the world there are the less human this person becomes. Eventually he loses all humanity and a clone takes over with the power that's given to him.

    Wow I came up with the last part on the spot and now I want to use him. It's a good character to create longer story lines as well as giving people someone to recognize through the entire story.

    Someone who has the ability to walk on anything. He can climb and run and glide on whatever he wants. This makes him extremely mobile and elusive.

    I don't know if it should be his power or some sort of boots or whatever. He's very up in the air right now so things can change anytime. I originally had him have no arms so that the main focus would be on his legs or feet.

    He runs the court of life and death. As the judge he gets to choose if someone dies or lives. He is notoriously neutral and will not have a bias over the good or the bad.

    He seemed cool when I made him, but if your story doesn't have that "fantasy" aspect I guess, this wouldn't be a very good thing to set up.

    The Last Crusader:
    During the crusades, He's a crusader who didn't want to go in the first place. He was cowardly and afraid. He somehow traveled to modern time and is now introduced to the brand new tech

    This character was inspired by a character from Valiant Comics. Just uhh, just saying

  • frostyfreak111frostyfreak111 Registered User new member
    107 Pyro Pyro is a pirate who wields a sword. He has the power of water. He drowns his enemy's when they least expect it. He can also create whirlpools and tsunamis out of thin air.

  • frostyfreak111frostyfreak111 Registered User new member
    Lily Blossom
    Has the power of nature. She is an elf. She can grow trees and whip people with vines. She can also use her hair to strangle people.
    Height: 83cm
    For image

  • frostyfreak111frostyfreak111 Registered User new member
    109 The Nightmare
    The Nightmare is a villain with the power of nightmares. He knows all your fears and uses them against you. He uses a staff and sucks your soul.
    Height:2m 69cm
    Strength: 59
    Click for image

  • HookHook Registered User new member
    edited June 2018
    Marcus Lockman aka Ghost.
    Powers: Can become a ghost. When in ghost form he can posses bodies and has telekinesis and levitation. He only has these powers in ghost form

    Hook on
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