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Games and Technology: AWESOME POST in "[L.A Noire] - NA Out Now!, EU May 20th: Use spoilers!&qu

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Pretty awesome response
Post: [L.A Noire] - NA Out Now!, EU May 20th: Use spoilers!
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Posted by: spool32
Original Content:
Maddoc wrote: »
One thing I'm fighting with is my instinct the pause -> quit -> resume whenever I fuck up an interview. It completely kills the flow of the game and the whole impressive immersive "do your own casework" feel they got going for shutting down leads, revisiting the crime scene again and the like. But, hearing that goddamn failure audio cue, or seeing "Correct 1/4" just tweaks me.

But so does replaying a scene over and over again, so, welp. I might have issues.

Actually, I think one of the things that they did right is that even if you flub up your investigation, things keep moving and the investigation just changes. I mucked up a lot of the interrogations in my last case, but that just meant the flow of the case changed and I got to hear different conversations.

I need to hear that, actually. Thinking I might just turn off audio cues and try and do all cases from now on cold, because I know the game is designed to let you fuck up interviews/miss clues and still catch the baddie, still have a good flow.

Basically I want you to yell at me for indulging in some horrible gaming aspergers and just play it normal. :?

"So, you messed up a case Frosty. Picked the wrong option. What now?"
Frosty paused, thinking. His lip twitched, and he glanced over at the TV. "I'll just drop to the main menu and-"
"Wrong." I watched his eyes. After a moment, he nodded his agreement.
"You're right, sure, yeah. If I did that, I'd just get annoyed at repeating the case over and over. So what should I do?"
"You're asking me what you should do?" I set my scotch on the bar and walked through the haze toward him.
"You heard me. You're the smart guy, yeah? You tell me what I should do." He was talking tough, but I could see he was already sweating.
"Fine, I'll tell you," I said. Then I slapped him across the mouth. He looked like he'd been shot.
"What the f-" I slapped him again. His face started turning red. After a minute he started breathing again. I turned my back and went to rescue the scotch. The bartender looked nervous, and I thought he might start cleaning my glass before I was done cleaning it.
"What the hell is your problem, mack?!" Frosty was mad, shouting mad now that he had his composure back.
"What's your problem, Frosty? You hate repeating cases, but you can't let go of this obsession with a 5-star rating. You're like the dame I went out with last week. Hair was so perfect, she was afraid to swing with me for fear of mussing it... you know what she did all night, Frosty?"
"Got drunk wondering why she went dancing with a loser like you?"
"Maybe, but she also sat in a corner and watched me have a good time. That's what you're doing, Frosty, fussing with your hair while the rest of us swing."
"Yeah? Yeah... maybe you're right. But what do I do?" I could hear he was thinking it over. It was a start. I finished my scotch and slid the glass at the bartender.
"Stop being obsessive and enjoy the damned game!"

He didn't reply. I left without looking back. It was the best either of us could expect, but I knew he'd come around. Maybe even do the same for me.

Minus the slap in the mouth.

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    While this post is awesome, I'd like to point out that it's not completely true

    L.A. Noire Homicide Desk Spoilers

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    While this post is awesome, I'd like to point out that it's not completely true

    L.A. Noire Homicide Desk Spoilers

    But did you start over because you wanted to solve that case in one perticular way, or because doing it any other way made you actually fail the case?

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