Computers keep falling off the wireless network.

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It has been happening more frequently now that I had to move my main desktop to a wireless card and built a media pc that is also wireless.

The router is a dsl modem / wireless router combo from Verizon, a 327w Westell from 5 years ago that came with the service. The modem itself stays connected to the internet over the dsl line but the machines that wirelessly connect to it just lose connection. They can still see the network name but can't do anything on it. To fix it all I do it disconnect and immediately reconnect, things will then work for another day or three until I have to do it again.

Any ideas on how to fix this or is the modem getting old? Can things like that really even wear out? The modem is b/g, the wireless cards I am using are b/g/n. Wireless mode on the modem set to 11g only. Everything running Windows 7.

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    Are there other wifi networks in the area? I am not an expert, but interference is a thing that exists..

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    Yes, they can wear out, and older devices may not be equipped for handling a lot of wireless traffic.

    Not to mention that anything that old probably doesn't support WPA2.

    You're best off investing in a nice new b/g/n router. You can find decent models for $50-100 today.

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