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[Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim] - Oblivion CE in June!

CantidoCantido Registered User regular
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Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim

Skyrim takes place 200 years after Oblivion. The land of Skyrim has erupted into civil war after the king was assassinated. The god of the continent, Alduin, rises and takes on the form of a giant dragon, intending to destroy the world.

You are a Dragonborn. In the world of Skyrim, Dragons are very important. They have their own language, unique powers, and they're assholes. By killing them when they attack, you can absorb powers from their souls. Not only can you gain powers, you learn their language, Draconic. You gain one letter at a time, like FFX's Al Bhed language.

Oblivion was probably, like...the second WRPG I ever played. I was unable to finish the first one because I made a weak character. Among other things. (Like the underground tunnels being too damn frightening.)

But here is a good reason to try again: To celebrate five years of Oblivion, a Collector's Edition for PCs is coming out. It comes with...


* Oblivion GOTY
* Map
* Making of DVD
* A 10$ voucher for Skyrim


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