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An animated movie from long ago...

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Hi. I need help finding out which animated movie is this. I'll try my best to describe it as accurately as possible.

This movie has the around the same style as The Hunchback of Notre Dame movie (animated of course). I saw it a while ago, could be as much as 10 years ago. I remember bits and pieces from the movie and hopefully that will help. Description:

The story happens Medieval times (or something along those lines) in a town. It starts off with a look at a past event. A jester (or a robber disguised as jester) is running from a mob. What the jester did, and this is probably revealed later in the movie, is that he stole a pouch of gold from a king or lord. Anyway, the jester and the mob stops on a bridge. The jester takes out an instrument that has a crank (I don't know if links to deviantart are allowed, but if they are, I believe the instrument looks like what the guy in this drawing is holding: ). Suddenly, the mob starts dancing uncontrollably. After that, something terrible happens (like the bridge breaks down or something) and both the mob and the jester die (I think we only see them plunging to their deaths, the king/lord was part of the mob too I think). Several years past and we come to the current timeline. I only remember parts of the movie after that. The main protagonist of the story is, I believe, a young man. Another important character is his father or grandfather (most likely the latter, he looked old) who is a clockmaker (really not sure about that one) or repairs something like that. One important thing about him is that he has this huge instrument or machine (I'm incline to think it's an organ, but I don't remember him playing on a keyboard of any sort, plus as you'll see, it has a huge crank). When he starts playing the instrument/machine, the ghost of the people who died on the bridge appear on the new bridge (at first, they're all identical as they are all wearing black cloaks). Later in the movie, the grandfather/father finds a huge crank on the instrument. I clearly remember him making a strenuous effort to turn the big crank (with both hands) at some point in the movie. When he plays it with the big crank, the ghosts on the bridge become even more real. You can distinguish each one of them dancing and singing. Also, at some point, the pouch of gold comes out of the instrument and the grandfather uses it to pay a tax collector or a debt of his. I think the guy that takes the money comes several times to him demanding the money in the movie.

Well, that's pretty much it. There may be some inaccuracies though, I saw this a while ago when I was a kid. Any help with this would be much appreciated

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