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Need some earbuds

xYUUBINKYOKUxxYUUBINKYOKUx Registered User regular
edited February 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
I'm looking to get some good quality earbuds maybe in the range of $30-$60. I was looking at the Sennheiser CX300-B since it seems to have good reviews and also the creative EP-630's. So I turn to you guys in your infinite wisdom. What earbuds should I get?



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    Omnicron9999Omnicron9999 Registered User regular
    edited February 2007
    I have the most basic Creative ear buds, and it is generally agreed by all I know who have tried them that they are the best they have ever used. I believe they are the EP-185. Granted they might not have tried anything high end.

    You can get them for 10 bucks, but if you want to pick up something better, it seems Creative is a good choice.

    Omnicron9999 on
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